Sonny B writes a letter to Dove calling out their dirty agenda

This letter is in response to Dove Commit to C.A.R.E. program. View it here:

I asked DOVE to please share my thoughts as a black man with the NBPA, NBA and NBA players represented on their website. I wrote many pages to express my grief. This is the result of a very very short version of my grievances, because that’s how passionately disgusted I am.  SO PLEASE, READ THIS LETTER IN IT’S ENTIRETY, BECAUSE I BELIEVE YOU OWE ME A MOMENT OF YOUR TIME, SINCE CORPORATIONS, SPORTS AND COLLEGES ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF MEETING DEMANDS OF THE BLACK RACE. As a Black man, the notion of this vast amount of black oppression, social injustice and systemic racism in America has become nauseating to say the least. This notion is prostituted like a $.50 cent whore and it needs to stop. Here’s an idea: Why don’t we sign a petition for ‘Operation Legend,’ the innocent 4 year old killed as a result of the rioting? Legend is one of nine (9) children killed as a result of the lawless rioting on the streets of America. The ages of the children killed ranges from 1 to 14 years old. George Floyd’s name was heard around the world yet no one but the grieving families know the names of the innocent young souls that were murdered.


I am a proud black American citizen of this great nation. I am an engaged and responsible father of (6) six wonderful children with my lovely wife of 22 years. I served my community for 25 years before retiring from the fire department. I’m also a chef, aspiring to own my own restaurant. However, I put my American dream on hold because of the chaos in our country. Therefore, presently I’m writing in hopes to become a part of a solution. I have written to the NFL, Chick-fil-a, other corporations, politicians, Pastors, community leaders, city council, mayors, and sheriffs (local & nationwide), and to  anyone who will listen. As a result of my writings, I was asked to become a guest writer for Eye on Jacksonville. I am living proof among many others in America, no matter your color, if you work hard and you are honest, you can achieve and become anything in this country. That is the American dream that this country affords us all under the Constitution of the United States of America. No one, I repeat, no one can hold you back but you. So, blacks should quit crying victim-hood. Case in point, President Obama served, not one but two terms in the Oval office. There are no perfect countries in this world. With that being said, does this country have racists? Absolutely. Is this country a racist country? I say emphatically, NO!!! However, here’s a NEWS ALERT! Here’s something I tell my black race all the time, RACISM COMES IN ALL COLORS!!! Just because you’re black — God does not give you a pass.

We have to agree, with the BLM movement, this is racism and civil rights movement in reverse. Why you might ask?

Injustice for injustice never brings about a solution.

I learned growing up, two wrongs don’t make a right. I have a question, because maybe I’m missing something. In 2020 are there lynchings of black slaves, public flogging of blacks, black slave riddled plantations, dogs and firehose turned onto BLM riots? Can blacks dine where they want, travel where they want, become what they want to be and live where they want to?

I ask those questions because I’m having a hard time finding blacks oppressed by whites and blacks who are afraid every second of their lives. However, I will say, blacks are afraid in their own communities, because of drugs, drug dealers, gang violence and black on black murders.

Most black citizens are not afraid of the cops because they are law abiding citizens. The blacks who are afraid of the cops are the blacks breaking the law. It’s sad to say, there are a lot of violent acts done by a few career criminals. No I don’t condone police brutality done to any race of people while handcuffed in police custody; However, I am in favor of forceful apprehension of citizens who do not comply with commands from police authority.

Are there bad cops? Absolutely. Are all cops bad? Emphatically, NO. You would think so, because of the way the media demonizes, inflates and highlights the wrong doings of a few cops — as if police brutality is a vast problem across the U.S.

I thank God for the courageous men and women who don the police uniform. They get no respect. Personally, I would rather storm the beaches of Normandy on the front line, than to become a cop.

Let me revisit black on black murder. Black on Black murder accounts for thousands of deaths in America every year, but there is SILENCE FROM: The media, Colin Kaepernick, Jamil Hill, Lebron James, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Ice Cube, Snoop Dog, Dove, NBPA, NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, WNBA, ESPN, politicians, major corporations, colleges, Hollywood, music entertainers, Al and Jesse.

Mind you, all those mentioned are living the American dream. They use their influence to push false narratives, spew evil and hate towards America and the patriotic American citizens. Let’s use Lebron James for example, since he is the loudest voice for the NBA and China. He went to a prestigious private school to showcase his athletic prowess on national TV. That’s called school choice, something the democratic party has been fighting against for a while. Lebron went from high school to the NBA and landed a shoe deal worth $90 million, before he played a single game. Recently, he was questioned about the inhumane treatment of the Chinese, who work in the sweatshops that make his multi-million dollar shoes. His response was, “Let’s get all the facts before we come to a conclusion.” I say to Lebron and the world, in the Breonna Taylor case, should we get all the facts before we come to a conclusion? That’s exactly what Lebron, BLM and the world did not do, but did rush to a conclusion before getting all the facts. These types of identity politics are pushed very hard by the mainstream media (enemy of the people), but silence to the true vast epidemic: Black on Black homicides. The media has done ta disservice to the American people by withholding information, telling half or part of a story, and sensationalizing headlines; As a result, we see the devastating effects of false propaganda and deliberate dividing rhetoric.

I’m beginning to understand more and more as I search for the truth, outside of the mainstream media. Our media, politicians, corporations, Hollywood, colleges and sport entities are in bed with the communist China regime. China is pulling the strings, to push a socialism agenda on the American people; Needless to say, it’s working.

There are a list of problems in the black community: fatherlessness, teen pregnancy, abortion, black on black murder, drugs, crime, gang violence, incarceration, illiteracy, and school dropout. Police brutality, social injustice, and systematic racism do not make the list. Because Fatherlessness etc, etc…, are all self-inflicted problems that has plagued the black community for decades. That’s not the worst part of it, the worst part is, these communities are all governed by mostly black democratic officials. 

 We are a blessed Nation and all of the races that live in it. We travel to places like Jamaica, with sites of beautiful countrysides and clear beaches. Tourist accommodations are festive and plush, but travel through the city where the real citizens live, away from the glamour and prestige, and look into the eyes those living in cardboard boxes. You see hope to one day become a citizen of the United States of America. This hope is seen all over the world, immigrants of all walks of life wanting to become citizens of The United States of America. We have locked down the southern borders to keep illegals out by the masses. Why is this?

PLEASE! I ask you, to turn off the Marxist mainstream media for once and think for yourself. While in your silence, ask yourself, “Why aren’t American citizens, especially black citizens not making a mass exodus?” There were 20 multi-millionaire Hollywood actors/actresses, that said they would leave the country if Trump became President and guess what? They’re still here. There are terms thrown around, that America is racist and unjust towards blacks. Let’s look at it this way, black slaves risked their lives to seize every opportunity they could to flee from the southern plantations to escape to northern states and to Canada. Why? Because the conditions were ACTUALLY extreme, cruel, unbearable and inhumane. Black slaves didn’t have to manufacture, or conjure up racism and social injustice, for EXAMPLE like: Jussie Smollett, Bubba Wallace and the Native American in the midst of the Covington Catholic students during a peaceful pro-life protest, to name a few.

Lastly, slavery is the very reason  why we don’t remove, destroy, vandalize and tear down monuments, statues, buildings and street names, just because they are linked to the confederacy. There is an ole saying, “ If you forget your history, we are bound to repeat it.” I know my history, apparently these imbeciles out destroying cities don’t. I have read about the horrors of slavery of my black ancestors. I have read and seen documentaries on the devastation of the civil rights movement.

So tell me, minus the flogging and free labor, how are the tactics used on the white race today, any different from what the black race had to endure in the past? We are all made after the image of God. Therefore, no one race should be demonized for being who God made them to be and anything outside of this notion is dead wrong. This is a quote from Malcolm X, I believe sums up the media, and why our country is in the predicament it’s in, and  I quote,

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power, because they control the minds of the masses.”

I end with these words: The white race today, shouldn’t have to pay restitution to the black race today, for the sins of their ancestors yesterday, and the black race today, shouldn’t ask for restitution from the white race today, because we are not our ancestors of yesterday. 

Sonny B is a proud Black American who states, “Like most black babies, I was born a Democrat but later in life I chose to become a Republican. My Vote. My Choice. ”


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