Sonny B: CRT is really “Communist Racist Tactics”

What is critical race theory (CRT) in a nutshell? Do you want the truth? Or do you want to hear the misinformation and rhetoric the progressives try to drive deep into our psyche?

Okay, I’ll give it to you straight, because I don’t like to filibuster around, something Capitol Hill has become experts at.

CRT says white people are inherently evil and black people are weak and pathetic. This is another method to put us back centuries and to destroy true progression to see a better world. Whereas, in this case, a better America.

It is more legal indoctrination of our youth in academia from K-12th. Unfortunately, CRT is already taught and has infiltrated the collegiate level. This is why mostly peaceful protest (RIOTS) are a prerequisite for getting a college degree. What ever happened to learning your craft or skill to become the best at your job, or simply providing life lessons on having good work ethics? Work ethics, that says, if you’re scheduled to work, you have an obligation to your employer and co-workers to at least show up. May I add, showing up is the first hurdle employers must face across the country. The second, is doing an honorable and commendable days work everyone can be proud of. I guess this would be too much to ask, from millennials needing a safe space.

I guess you can hear my sarcasm, frustration and indignation in my writing. Yes, I’m inflamed, exasperated and infuriated to say the least. I’ve heard it said, we can’t get weary in well doing, but I tell you, sometimes it can be exhausting protecting virtue from those who want to destroy value through outlandish wiles. It seems like every other day, there is some new tactic thrown into society to change the face of America. Therefore, we must be vigilant in this fight and stand up for what we believe is right. Or our nation will be overtaken by renegades posing as Americans.

American communists have mastered the art of identity politics, taking two subjects that would normally get along with one another and cause them to oppose one another, even despise their country. Please!!!

Can someone tell me, if you hate your country, why do you want to represent the United States of America in the Olympics? That is why blacks take center stage on identity politics whenever racism or social injustice is mentioned. We are so busy living in the civil rights and slavery days, there’s no time for living in the present and exploring the American dream, this country affords us all.

We allow race baiters like: CNN, MSNBC, Al, Jesse, Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry to name a very few, to tell us we’re downtrodden with no hope of leaving their preconceived modern day plantation.

It’s amazing to see, just how many blacks say that the Republican Party is racist, but are hard-core democrats. Blacks vote religiously for the democratic party that wanted to keep us enslaved. Their tactics are different, but yield the same results, enslavement, now it’s of the mind. Blacks haven’t learned yet, the elites see us as a lab rat project for their disposal to be prostituted for their socialist agenda and global reset. If blacks undoings didn’t benefit their political movement and order of business, the black race would be useless to the democratic party. Democrats want to expand, which is why they want open borders for more votes. It’s all about power, and they don’t care how they accomplish it.  

National Geographic put out a study saying, fireworks are racist because smoke disproportionately harms black people. This kind of thinking is insane. Yet, during the fireworks in question, in Chicago this past fourth of July, 80 blacks were shot and 14 killed, so you tell me what’s more hazardous to the black race?

I can’t fail to mention that 41 percent of Baltimore high school students have a 1.0 GPA or less (I WONDER HOW MANY ARE BLACK?). Shouldn’t the teachers unions be focusing on this, instead of CRT? CRT is just another scheme to divert the attention from the real crisis in the black community, such as fatherlessness, teen pregnancy, abortion, black on black murder, drug addiction, gang violence, domestic abuse, incarceration, school drop-out and illiteracy.

These are all self-inflicted problems that have plagued the black community for decades. CRT, social injustice, systemic racism, white privilege, police brutality and oppression, does not make the list of problems in the black community. Sadly enough, these same communities are represented by mostly black democratic elected officials. So, BLM/Antifa thugs can assault and threaten conservatives and Big Tech can censor our voices by taking away free speech. However, it will not change the fact or the reality of the cultural problems within the black race.

Why are we not talking about Michaela DePrince? Because she doesn’t fit the narrative. Here is a little black girl, called the devil’s child, who was rescued from a war-torn South African town by a WHITE AMERICAN COUPLE. This would change the trajectory of her life forever. Once unwanted, now she’s a loved, beautiful, amazing and a talented ballet dancer hidden from the black race. Why doesn’t this story get 24/7 coverage by the fake news media? Because they want to keep the country divided, they want blacks to believe they are victims, oppressed and should be terrified of police authority every second of our lives. This is such HOGWASH!!!

Lastly, there are so many stories like Michaela’s heart-felt, heart-warming and life changing encounter. However, the only stories that deserves publicity in the eyes of communists, are career criminals evading and disrespecting cops to keep up the image of black inferiority and white supremacy. It’s no wonder why black brilliant minds are suppressed, never to blossom into the God given talent we were created for. I say to you, this is intentionally done to keep young black minds in the gutter and enslaved in the mind with no hope in sight.

The black race is fed propaganda consistently through the mainstream media, social media, academia, sports, major corporations and funded by the Chinese Communist Party. This is why so many success stories never come to fruition, because blacks are told on a regular basis that the American dream is unattainable through subliminal messages given throughout a child’s lifespan. By the time they become an adult, they think: All cops are racist, whites are bigots, they hate their country, they see racism in everyone else except themselves, the American dream is unachievable, and they vehemently proclaim victim hood. It’s a recipe for disaster.

So, you tell me, who are the real racists? I give you the answer, those pushing identity politics and CRT to try and immobilize and control a whole race of people of color. 



Sonny B is a proud Black American who states, “Like most black babies, I was born a Democrat but later in life I chose to become a Republican. My Vote. My Choice.


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