Conservatives are mobilizing to counter divisive programs in local library

Having discovered that the Jacksonville Public Library is promoting racism, local conservatives are fighting back by offering contrasting views.

Local activist Blake Harper, who is behind the effort, said the Jacksonville Public Library has done three Critical Race Theory/Systemic Racism/Social Justice programs through its Lit Chat venue since January.

“I became aware of the last of these (‘The Black Friend: How to be a Better White Person’) in March and tried to get it stopped, on the basis that it was politicizing the library,” Harper said. “I called out its hypocrisy at City Council and reached out to three City Council members who pursued the matter. The end result is that the Lenny Curry administration refused to do so but agreed to allow an opposing view to be run.”

Critical Race Theory is a Far Left attempt to promote hatred by portraying America as inherently racist and to divide Americans along racial lines.

This is the abstract from Black Friend, which is listed under juvenile literature: “Abstract: Frederick Joseph call up race-related anecdotes from his past, explaining why they were hurtful and how he might handle things now. … Touching on everything from cultural appropriation to power dynamics, “reverse racism” to white privilege, micro-aggressions to the tragic results of overt racism, this book serves as conversation starter, tool kit, and invaluable window into the life of a former “token Black kid” who now presents himself as the friend many readers need.”

Aug. 24 at 7 p.m. will be the day for the rebuttal, an effort sponsored by Americans Rising. Harper said it is an attempt to “take back our schools, our government, our communities.” It will be a program on the library’s Lit Chat venue (conflicting with a City Council meeting.)

Their goals:

1) Present a program that speaks the truth about our country and our culture.

2) Give us tools and knowledge to counter the false narratives of Critical Race Theory . . . especially as we approach the upcoming school year.

3) Make the public aware that there are groups out there engaged in the battle to defend our Republic, the Founding Principles, and our bedrock values.

4) Unite and energize these groups in the battle.

Involved in the program are Tim Barton, from the nationally-recognized Wall Builders, as well as local citizen-warrior Quisha King, who recently was featured on nationwide Fox News broadcasts addressing the Critical Race Theory battle.

There are 100 ‘seats’ available for the Zoom event and more will be made available if needed. (A seat is a Zoom meeting reservation.)

“The venue will be so people will be able to participate from home, on their phones, by themselves or in small groups . . . the more the better!” Harper said. A library card is required but they are free.

The link to register for Wall Builders LitChat:

Lloyd Brown

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