Sonny B: My journey to become an information warrior

I retired as a Fireman of Jacksonville. It took courage, determination, commitment, proper planning and hard work to finally get to the point of retirement. While employed with the JFRD, I became interested in food and found out I really enjoyed cooking. I became so enamored with the preparation of food, I wanted to attend culinary school and make it a permanent career after retirement. So, I used my own hard-earned money to pay for my education to attend FCCJ, now FSCJ’s Culinary School of Arts. Getting an education would catapult me into catering as a side job and working as a line/prep cook in many popular kitchens in Jacksonville, Amelia Island and Ponte Vedra/Sawgrass to earn extra money for my family and to gain kitchen experience working in restaurants.

After retirement, I took a temporary sabbatical to refresh from 41 years of working and to enjoy some time with the family undisturbed from any outside sources. After about 4 months, I found employment in a very popular restaurant in Sawgrass. I was enjoying cooking because I finally could focus all of my attention on cooking full time. I was living the American dream as a black American. No oppression, systematic racism, white privilege, or white supremacy could hold me down, because I am not a victim. This country affords us all, the opportunity to succeed, no matter your color. Will there be obstacles? Absolutely! However, good things come with a price, so BLM supporters of a Marxist, racist movement, quit complaining, stop making excuses, get off the couch and work for what you want and stop looking for hand-outs. 

I just mentioned nothing could hold me down. Well, March 23, 2020, would bring my dreams to a halt with Covid-19 (Wuhan virus). Not to mention, I was approved at the Riverside market to sell my desserts. Also, I eventually wanted to own my own restaurant. I was enjoying life, until the virus came and took that all away.

Now, this is systematic corruption from a deep state system that will hold you down. You’ll understand what I mean later on in this article as you read on. Devastation was the likely story for many hard-working law-abiding citizens across the country and even the world. For the first time in 41 years, I was without employment. Like every other American, I was working to provide for my family and would unwind with the entertainment of Hollywood, sports and ESPN. However, in the midst of all of the distractions, I always knew there was something evil lurking in the waters of Capitol Hill. I just didn’t realize how sinister, until all employment and all entertainment came to a standstill.

Recent exposure of Fauci’s ‘Gain of Function’ would seal the government’s doom in my eyes, because they are not to be trusted. However, I believe the virus was a blessing in disguise, satan meant it for evil, but God meant it for good. As I sat idle, I became keenly aware as the 2020 chaos and mayhem transpired right before our very eyes. Riots of destruction was called mostly peaceful protest by the media. This would bring me to the realization, that we were in an information war. WOW, the media is the bullhorn, the media is the political gangster’s (Democrats/Republicans) hitman to keep the American people in the dark and ill-informed on major issues in our country, as politicians play the political game with American lives.

So, I guess you can say, like everything else made and owned in this country by China (CCP), you can say, I was made in China, SO DON’T GET ANGRY AT ME!!! because the Wuhan, China virus made me. This would set me on FIRE, and on a journey to find truth, and justice with actual letters written to: ESPN, NBA, NFL, local and state governmental officials, governmental officials across the country, police departments, POTUS (Trump), and U.S. Supreme court, to name a few. I saw where our country was headed, and I wanted to preserve the American dream for my children and the generations to come. Therefore, I put my dream on the back burner to get into this fight to help save America. IF YOU ARE OBLIVIOUS TO WHAT’S HAPPENING IN OUR COUNTRY, IT’S BECAUSE WE ARE IN AN INFORMATION WAR!!!

Looking back at my letter to the FDA, CDC, and NBC, just generally speaking, I realize some people don’t agree with me on the dangers of the experimental Covid vaccines and that’s ok. I give you a pass, especially if you’ve already taken the jab. Why do I say this? Because taking the Covid vaccine is like flying in an airplane, once you’re in the air, you’re committed. Therefore, I can understand the anxiety that may come about from a foreign substance being injected into your body, unassured of short or long-term effects. So, I empathize with you. I understand, hearing anything else, other than positive news about the vaccines, would make anyone fearful and defensive, because it’s human nature. In addition to, no one wants to believe that they have been duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled or lie to, because we pride ourselves on being able to sniff out a con-artist and a swindler. With that being said, THERE IS A CURE FOR COVID-19!!! I know firsthand, because I contracted the virus. I was treated with: Ivermectin and budesonide, drugs demonized by the corrupt three letter agencies and the mainstream media. Not to mention, these are safe, FDA approved prescriptions. Therefore, there is no need for a vaccine. We are in an information war to keep this news from the public, because if the majority of the citizens would’ve found out about the cure, there wouldn’t have been a “pandemic” (SCAMDEMIC)!!! 

THIS IS WHAT MAKES THE INFORMATION WAR SO DEADLY!!! People are generally loving, caring and trusting. We tend to trust those closest to us: family, friends, local news, doctors, coaches and teachers. Then we become a little more trusting and we venture out into national news, academia (colleges and universities), and government. However, I believe these three entities take advantage of our innocence, trust and occupied time, especially the media. They seek to indoctrinate each of us from the time we learn how to walk as a child; In hopes, that it will flow into adulthood. Now we began to form distant relationships with people we feel are credible and trustworthy; As a result, they shape our lives, thinking and decisions we make. Think about it, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX are a mainstay, we are inundated with disinformation: in our homes, hotel rooms, doctor’s offices, fitness gyms, airports, barber shops and restaurants. They vow for our attention until we lay down our heads at night. Do you think this is intentionally done?

Listen, all the networks and cable companies are owned by 6 entities with the same mindset and controlled and/or funded in some way by the CCP, to make sure we think the way they do. This is how operation mockingbird went into action. It’s been scientifically proven, if humans hear a story often enough and hear it repetitiously from every network (local and nationally), they can control the minds of the masses. I think Malcolm X gave us a clear understanding about the media when he said, “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power, because they control the minds of the masses.” 

When will we realize, they’re all in on the hostile communist takeover? (The Media, government, academia, major corporations, professional sports, Big Tech, social giants, Hollywood and Big PHARMA are all in on the take down of America). So why would you trust any of them? Case in point, the FDA and the CDC have been telling the American people that the experimental vaccines (shots) are safe, and ivermectin is deadly. The media is the bullhorn, so they run the story 24/7 that the Covid vaccines are safe, and proven treatments, like: ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and budesonide that are given to treat Covid patients by thousands of frontline doctors, are dismissed by the media as drugs that are either fatal, have severe side effects or are ineffective. They are programing you for what they want you to believe, because they know you trust them.

This is how you know that Capitol Hill and the mainstream media have the same agenda, because they speak the same language. The same news outlets across the country, that say Covid vaccines are safe, are the same news outlets pushing the narrative that America is a racist nation. So why should you believe them? Because you trust them, and they know it, which is why, they can push a 24/7 narrative of massive racism of MANUFACTURED RACISM CASES LIKE: Jussie Smollett, Covington Catholic students in DC, and Bubba Wallace. Again, the fake news media pushed this narrative until the patriots found out they were lying and being disingenuous to the American people. Fake news gave no apologies for this divisive lie, they just move on to the next lie, because they know you are naïve, gullible and trusting.

 Brandon Straka was a staunch liberal drawn into the propaganda, and an avid viewer of news anchors like: Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Joe Scarborough and Joy Reid, until he found out they were lying to him; As a result, he started the hashtag walkaway from the democratic party movement, he was able to confiscate a huge following. There is no accountability to call the media out for their intentions to fraud the citizens of this nation, because the news outlets are on the same team, and politicians are too busy swimming in their political cesspool. However, the exception to the rule are the independently patriotically owned media outlets, bloggers, podcasters, doctors and journalist telling the American people the truth. While the media gangsters continue on with their scandalous agenda to change the face of America, to usher in the new world order. Our only recourse is to walkaway, to not allow fake news to have influence over us. Of course, this is easier said than done, because anyone defying the political cesspool on Capitol Hill, the deep state, the elites and exposing fake news, big tech, social giants and big pharma for being complicit in the scandal: are Canceled, Censored, Attacked, Demonized, Assaulted and Doxed (Just ask Tucker Carlson and Andy Ngo). Sadly to say, some have even loss their lives for proclaiming the truth and exposing the lie. The most disheartening thing is, the unpatriotic so-called citizens are the ones doing the political mob boss’s biddings to invoke harm, both physically and mentally, because they have bought into the communist agenda.

 BLM/Antifa destroyed cities across the country for over a year, the media never demonized it. Yet, somehow, one day on January 6th was an insurrection??? PLEASE WAKE UP FROM THE LIE!!! The same BLM/Antifa thugs, during a year of chaos, burned the American flag, while yelling out, “Death to America, bring in Communism,” this is a foretelling of what’s to come, if we don’t take a courageous stand. Don’t take my word for it, go and do your own research on Marxism and you will find that America has almost completed the laws of Marxism, just about every point made in Karl Marx’s teachings are coming to fruition, and it must be stopped. 

ALERT!!! WE ARE IN AN INFORMATION WAR!!! No one wants a bloody war with tanks, guns and explosives. However, I believe a war with the tongue can be more deadly; I believe, the chaos, destruction, civil disobedience, and unlawfulness throughout 2020, bears witness to my statement.

Here are two quotes from Su Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’ of how he perceived war should be, (1) “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” (2) “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”

In 1956 Russia’s Communist leader Nikita Khrushchev said, “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within.” What do you think, he meant by this? Turn off fake news, and look around you and you will see, America has been infiltrated by foreign foes, provoking Americans to destroy ourselves through identity politics, as immoral policies are made in our government against our constitution. Our tyrannical government is giving America up to foreign foes, piece by piece. The media knows this, but they choose to cover it up. While the citizens fight one another, sounds familiar (CIVIL WAR)? Blue vs Red, Left vs Right, patriotic vs unpatriotic, democrat vs republican, donkey vs elephant, conservatives vs socialists liberals, LBGTQ vs the world, black vs white, police vs blacks, citizens vs illegals, and vaccinated vs unvaccinated. I believe you have the point by now. They divide, we fight, and they conquer!!!

 I was talking to a friend when I mentioned the cover-up of 9/11. He was astonished with disbelief because he could not fathom anyone being that evil, and certainly not our government. I asked this same gentleman a question, why was our presidential election shut down for the first time in history? Trump had a substantial lead before we went to bed, and we would wake up to a Biden lead. This was election fraud personified, even Ray Charles could see. Now we know why they needed the lockdown and fear of a curable virus. To dictate and manipulate the laws, to induce fraudulent mail-in ballots. The elites needed Trump out of the way because he was draining the swamp. Therefore, the Wuhan virus was used to assist and facilitate the election fraud, while simultaneously hiding the cure from us, and locking down the nation. This was meant to destroy our economy, and bankrupt the country, to commence globalism. This same friend asked, why would they keep a cure away from the American people? He continued on to say, they would just allow all of the deaths, knowing about a cure? And our government knew 9/11 was coming and allowed all those deaths to happen? I said to him, I know, it’s a lot to try and wrap your head around, how can anyone be that sinister? I say this to everyone in disbelief, and to those that refuse to believe. I point them to the ID channel, I tell them to watch it, just for a day and you will see how violent one human being can be to another. Not to mention, this is a channel showing some of the most, brutal, horrific, murderous, diabolical and heinous crimes of all times and currently going on in our nation. These violent acts are not just from serial killers and thugs, but ordinary everyday people, whom we put our trust in: They are our neighbors, co-workers, family, friends, doctors, lawyers, coaches, etc., etc.… By the way, the first murder recorded in the bible, was a brother slaying his own blood brother because he was envious of him. I am reminded of a scripture out of the Holy bible, (Jeremiah 17:9) “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it?” If our hearts aren’t given over to God, we are likely to do anything.

 Lastly, I write to combat against the information war, to spread truth and expose the propaganda and lies of fake news (Enemy of the People). We are at a very crucial point in our country, we’re at the very precipice of a dictatorship. If you care anything about the future of America, turn off fake news and do your own research. I promise, if you search with a sincere heart and unbiased, open mind, you will find the truth. As a result, you will respect my words and despise the words of the mainstream media.

However, regardless of the naysayers, I will continue to stand and be vigilant in this fight to help to restore all that has been stolen. Like Nehemiah, I will cry aloud at these renegades posing as Americans. Nehemiah was a man well off and comfortable in a distant land when he heard his country was in shambles; As a result, he went to see about his country and to restore the wall that protected the Israelites from their enemies. While restoring the wall of his original country that was destroyed by the enemy. He would speak to those same enemies that criticized and taunted him for restoring the wall, by saying, “I’m doing a great work, so that I cannot come down.” (Nehemiah 6:3). I’m willing die for what I believe, which is: love of God, family and country. So, will you join the patriots in this fight? 1776(REWIND) Because, if we lose our freedom to totalitarianism, then we are dead already, because there would be no reason to live. 


Sonny B is a proud Black American who states, “Like most black babies, I was born a Democrat but later in life I chose to become a Republican. My Vote. My Choice.


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