The FDC, CDC and News Networks: Enemies of the people

I am a proud black American citizen of this great country and I believe the mainstream media is trying to ruin it.

I tell you of my ethnicity, because I want to inform you that all blacks are not captivated, mesmerized, brainwashed and controlled by the media zombie apocalypse. This is a response to the article titled, “Stop it: FDA warns people not to take veterinary drugs to treat Covid-19.” Published on August 21,2021 by NBC’s Nicole Acevedo. 

I want to say from the offset as a disclaimer, I know the coronavirus is real, because it was created in the Wuhan institute of virology in China and funded by corrupt politicians on Capitol Hill. However, this virus has been prostituted like a $10 dollar whore.

This has become one of the greatest cover-ups since 9/11 and the media is complicit in the diabolical scheme to usher in the global reset.  I am inflamed with great anger and fortitude to continue my fight against the propaganda and lies of the enemy of the people. I was saddened the other day when I heard that a long-time friend of mine succumbed to the pressures of taking the Covid vaccine.  Deadly vaccines without research for short or long-term affects to the human body. However, what we can confirm about the vaccines that they are fatal to lab specimens. So fatal, those who made the vaccines refuses to get the jab. Yet, the FDA, and the CDC want all Americans to get vaxxed with the experimental vaccines, but exempt themselves, while we obey the elites.

Unfortunately, many Americans have already became lab rats, and tyrannical governments all over the world are pushing hard for the rest of humanity to become an experimental project.  I forewarned my friend of the dangers of the vaccines, and educated him on the therapeutics like (Ivermectin, budesonide, and hydroxychloroquine, to name a few) to treat the Wuhan virus (Covid-19). I guess friendship and family is meaningless when you’re up against loved ones who are entrenched in the beguiling trance of the media. I recently contracted Covid, Ivermectin was one of the prescriptions I took to cure me of my Covid case. I am alive and well today because of it. Whereas, if I was admitted to the hospital, I would’ve been intubated and placed on a vent like so many thousands of Covid patients and left alone to die without being treated with the proper medications needed. So, MEDIA, you tell the FDA to STOP IT!!! And hold them accountable for the propaganda killing Americans.

Governor Ron DeSantis defied the powers that be, by making the statement, that Florida will no longer participate in lock downs because they don’t work. Also, he continued on by saying, lock downs do hurt the citizens of America. Not to mention, lifting the God-awful mask mandate that doesn’t work, it’s just a control mechanism to takeaway a right to choose.

Fauci the fraud, changed his story on the subject several times, one day the masks work, one day they don’t. Now we come to understand that Fauci is responsible for ‘gain of function’. Yet, these types of individuals the media holds in high regard. True Americans, like myself, thank God for governmental officials like Ron DeSantis who want to do the right thing for the citizens under their jurisdiction. These are the kind of patriots the media demonizes and attack character to make them unpopular with citizens of our country. It’s blatantly obvious, the media bias, of how they loathe those that don’t go along with their narrative and agenda to change the face of America. Whereas, they protect corrupt renegades like Andrew Cuomo posing as Americans. The fake news media are the biggest gangsters of manipulating the truth. Yes, our nation and our world would be much better off without these HYPOCRITES!!!  

Isn’t journalism supposed to be about checks and balances, searching a matter out to get down to the truth about a story? Let’s take for instance one of the corrupt three letter agencies like the FDA, since this is the agency in question. Real news would ask the first question, how many Americans are using Ivermectin? If there is a massive amount, then why? Does it actually cure Covid? If it does, isn’t that a good thing for a deadly “pandemic” (SCAMDEMIC) that has interrupted and devastated our lives for over a year? If through your research, you found that Ivermectin cured Covid. Then the final question to the FDA would be, why is the FDA strongly encouraging Americans to stop using an approved prescription for humans in the right dosage amounts that is known to kill Covid dead?

But of course, how can the media hold the FDA accountable, when they are just as guilty. Here is a quote from NBC’s Yahoo’s article, “The agency clarified that the FDA approved ivermectin tablets meant to treat people with certain conditions caused by parasitic worms as well as topical formulations used for head lice and skin conditions like rosacea are different from the drugs used on animals. Ivermectin tablets and topical formulations for humans have “very specific doses” that are significantly smaller than the doses meant for animals.” Let’s use the phrase, ‘VERY SPECIFIC DOSES’ for example. Do you think doctors are prescribing humans with the same dosage they would prescribe for a horse? And I don’t believe Americans are getting their ivermectin from a veterinarian, when your primary doctor can prescribe the medication for you. Also, the only reason anyone would call the FDA to ask a question concerning ivermectin, would be that, apparently they are completely oblivious of the corruption of our government. In other words, why would anyone trust them with actually giving you the truth.

I had lunch with a friend recently. We had a strong disagreement because of the enemy of the people. Hydroxychloroquine was the prescription in question. He said he wouldn’t use a 60 year old FDA approved drug because it wasn’t meant for Covid. I asked him, if Tylenol was known to cure cancer, you wouldn’t take it because it was originally meant for relieving pain and fever? The jury is still out on his answer, typical avid CNN and MSNBC watcher, once the talking points have come to a dead end, they SIN ( S: Shift the subject; I: Ignore the facts; N: Name call). I told him that this is absurd, ludicrous and you need to stop watching fake news immediately, because it has syphoned out all of your brain cells of critical thinking, logic and simple common sense.

This is exactly why I am far removed from watching fake news, even the sounds of their voices are eerily sickening because I know every other word coming out of their mouths is a lie. I can only read articles, this is the only way I can stomach it and to remind me that the mainstream media are such fabricators of the truth. News personalities have no integrity, they’ve lost all morals, values and virtue to be able to be truthful. I’ve never in my life seen so much betrayal and beguiling of the truth. It has become almost laughable, except nothing is the least bit funny. To fraud the citizens of this nation is intentionally done to deceive with a cause, with no thought of the severe repercussions it has caused. There is no hesitation to tell a bold face lie, with no sense of ethics. It’s a deliberate focus to be disingenuous to the American people.

While the Communist News Network (CNN), MS(DNC) and FOX in the hen house News are allowed to speak freely, Frontline Doctors in D.C. were censored of their rights of free speech under the first amendment of the constitution. This type of strong-arm bullying is happening all across America, to whom ever opposes the communist agenda. Frontline Doctors are putting their lives, safety, careers, and livelihoods on the line to serve the American people they were sworn to treat medically to the best of their ability. The least I can do as a citizen of the United States of America is to voice my displeasure and vehement hatred for the media and the deep state system.

The rhetoric and propaganda has divided our nation with purposeful identity politics, this in itself has proven to be lethal to our republic, democracy, constitution, values, and freedoms of our nation. Well, I’m here to defy and expose the sorcery thrusted upon the common man. To fight against the tyranny with my life if necessary, because if we lose our country to communism, then we are already dead!!! 1776 REWIND!!!

I cannot understand how a person can sellout their own country, for what? Money, fame, or loyalty to the CCP? There can’t possibly be any love for God, country, or mankind, when your career is to create dissension with your tongue as you keep a straight face.

I leave each of you with this, “It’s appointed unto man once to die, and then there is judgement.” (Hebrews 9:27). Yes, this means everyone will die, no exemptions, and must give an account for what he/she did on this earth. So, on your next broadcast, announcement, or article published, choose your words wisely.


Sonny B is a proud Black American who states, “Like most black babies, I was born a Democrat but later in life I chose to become a Republican. My Vote. My Choice.


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