Sonny B takes on BLM and cops regarding confrontation in Plano, Texas

ATTENTION: I AM BLACK; Therefore, I cannot be categorized, and dismissed as a racist against my on people by telling the truth. However, this letter is in response to the racist, Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement allowed to prohibit traffic flow.

I call the BLM movement racism in reverse, how is this right?

We didn’t like it, but it’s ok to project hate towards the white race, because somehow we believe it’s ok because we’re black. As if the black race deserves some type of reparations for past sins.

Let’s be honest, if we all had to pay for our past sins, we all would be in trouble. I know, forgiveness can be a tough pill to swallow, but we must forgive, for our own healing. This is a quote that bares repeating, “Unforgiveness is like you ingesting poison, hoping the other person will die.”

By the way, injustice plus injustice, never brings about a resolve, it only equals to more injustice. We saw the effects all through 2020, with no signs of slowing down. Which is why, I’m on a mission, a journey to save America from the tyranny of so-called Americans.

Therefore, I put my pen to paper and I write an authentic peaceful protest through letters. Just one example of peaceful protest expressed under the first amendment of the constitution. In other words; I do not: Block traffic, Loot, Assault police authority, Assault far-left socialist lunatics (regardless of their ignorance), Assault fake news media (regardless of their propaganda and division), Destroy my fellow citizens businesses, Destroy/Burn down federal property, buildings, statues, monuments or vehicles, Beating unconsciously innocent by-standers opposing the communistic view or murdering the lives of men, women and children by recklessly and intentionally shooting American citizens.

Why? Because I am a proud black American law-abiding citizen of this great country. I am an engaging father of (6) six wonderful children with my lovely wife of 23 years, no illegitimate children here. They were all birthed out of love in marriage. I am concerned about the future of this nation. It makes me very concerned for my children’s future. My children are the reason I fight, so excuse me if this letter doesn’t come across to you as nice and cordial. If you listen with your heart, you will hear an undeniable truth, that will help put this nation back on course as the United States of America, a symbol of freedom. There is a lady, standing tall in the New York harbor as a reminder of what our country means to the world. 

NO, America is not a racist country, imperfect, but not racist. When one of you race baiters and identity politic villains find a perfect country, you let me know. The only racist in this country are those pushing racism through identity politics, such as, the Mainstream media, Capitol Hill, Academia, Social media giants, Major corporations, Professional sports, ESPN, Hollywood and Wealthy black enablers, like: ( LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, Oprah Winfrey, Snoop Dogg, Jemele Hill, Don Lemon, and Joy Reid, to name a few.)

I am not oppressed by systemic racism, neither by white privilege nor social injustice. I am not afraid of police authority and never have I been. The black race should be afraid of the black race.

Why do I say this? Let me explain, in 2019 there were 7,484 black murders, in 2020 there were at least 8,600 black murders, over 90% of those said murders in 2019 and 2020 were black on black homicides. Numbers don’t lie. You ask yourself, how is this even possible? How do you keep staggering numbers like this away from the public? Of course, you use the greatest diversion tactic in the world, YOU BRING IN THE CLOWNS!!!

This lets us know how detrimental mind control can be, when there’s 24/7 news coverage of racism, social injustice, and police brutality across every network. This creates chaos and division on one hand and blindness to reality on the other. I’ve had enough of 21st century slave masters and mind enslavement house negroes telling me how much racism is in America. Also, I love it when white liberals try and lecture me on racism in America, this is laughable to say the least.

Let me be clear, there isn’t any white person in this world who can educate me on being black. I sound like a broken record, because I have to repeat myself on so many occasions. As a result, I’m beginning to feel like the 90’s Chicago Bulls.

That is my introductory rant, but a much needed one, as I digress to the point of this letter. I have stood up for the men and women in blue as they endure: Slander, defunding, derogatory explicit language, no support from their police department administration, compromised governors, mayors, and elected political officials, 24/7 trashing from the mainstream media, and assaults, even killings from BLM/Antifa thugs. I’m not foolish or ignorant to understand that cops can be puppets, controlled by the elites, but there comes a time when you have to cut the strings. Again, I have and so many others have stood with the men and women in blue. Now, will you stand with Americans? Stand with the true, hard-working and patriotic citizens abiding by the laws of the land.

What happened in Plano, TX a few days ago, happened all throughout 2020 with no repercussion as BLM/Antifa destroyed cities and created chaos all across the United States. Cops stood by and watched renegades defy the laws of the land as they blocked traffic of hard-working Americans heading to work and other destinations. Citizens should not have to exit their vehicle to deal with an angry mob, especially in the presence of cops. You have an unbelievable governor in Greg Abbott as we do in Florida under Ron DeSantis backing their police departments and citizens of their state. It’s unfortunate the backlash they receive from the fake news media, socialist journalism funded by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Whereas, they allow these governors to run amok and give a pass to this political cesspool line-up: Governor Gavin Newsom, Brian Kemp, Gretchen Witmer and Andrew Cuomo, to name a few.

There is a system, a deep state system, a CCP system that has infiltrated and taken control of every facet in the U.S. wreaking havoc on the first amendment by cancel culture to only let out one side of the story, their story as they spin it to their liking. They are indoctrinating generations through academia, teaching children to hate their country and have contempt for authority. This isn’t freedom, land of the free, home of the brave.

This is generational suicide as we watch the death of a nation.

Lastly, there is a difference between fear of the unknown and too coward to stand against a barbaric mob because of political correctness. We can’t rescue this country without the men and women in blue. Police are the first line of defense against a domestic invasion. That is why they want to defund and rid communities of police altogether.

The second line of defense is our second amendment, ridding citizens of their weapons, this is a project the far-left has been working on for decades. If you rid the United States of these two major cornerstones, they can successfully bring in the brown shirts and take over the country with a Nazi-like swiftness.

I will not allow this nation to go down without a fight. I leave you with a quote from Aung San Suu Kyi, “The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear.”

In other words, if you fear losing your job, if you fear backlash and repercussions, if you fear for your life, if you fear for your livelihood, and if you fear expressing your opinions and ideals; THEN YOU ARE NOT FREE!!! So, men and women in blue, will you stand with Americans before it’s too late?

Sonny B is a proud Black American who states, “Like most black babies, I was born a Democrat but later in life I chose to become a Republican. My Vote. My Choice. ”


Sonny B is a proud Black American who states, “Like most black babies, I was born a Democrat but later in life I chose to become a Republican. My Vote. My Choice.


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