Those who are Awake can and must win the battle against the Woke

In October 2008, my eyes were opened to “things unseen” before that moment in the timeline of my life. I had a great encounter with the Truth.

I had just returned home from a visit with a client. Due to the economy, he told me he had to lay off half of his staff. He was a grown man with tears in his eyes and fear in his voice. In all the years he had been in business, he had never seen anything like this. The sudden economic shutdown had occurred. That evening, John McCain suspended his campaign and Obama eerily smirked as he did.

I knew at that moment, Obama had won and We the People had lost. That was the day I awakened to the forces behind the power brokers in DC. My next move was to delve deep into the happenings that had taken place. I spent 4 months in self-imposed (God imposed) boot camp trying to understand what the government had done to our lives while we had gone about the business of living. What I discovered curled my toes, created fear in my soul and awakened me to the truth of the depths of evil that had taken over our government.

I’ll not bore you with all that happened after my Awakening but I’ll share it in a nutshell: “My life changed. A tea party movement occurred. Politics became my mission field. Speaking, writing, educating, and boldly proclaiming the truth was all I cared about.” I was AWAKE.

When I started hearing the term, Woke, in recent years, I thought that was the same thing as my AWAKE. I figured it was a slang term and I figured wrong.

My awakening had no skin color, gender or religious preference. It had facts about what “went down” and never, not once, did we talk about the color of skin during our tea party days. Never. In fact, the tea party was filled with blacks, browns, yellows, and whites. We were a rainbow of American-loving patriots and all colors were welcome.

Not so in the Woke movement. Woke is a term, which refers to an awareness of social justice and in particular racial issues. The “woke” movement began in the African American community amid the acceptance of black liberation theology, another name for Marxism.

The Woke people operate on feelings and assumptions. They run in groups and belittle you if you don’t do as they say. They put you in boxes by race, gender, or ethnicity. You are not an individual. You are what the groups says you are…even if you are more than they say you are.

The people who have been awakened live as individuals within a community where they want every citizen to have the same rights and privileges afforded them by our founding documents. You are an individual and not boxed into a group. We see YOU!

I’ve done my research on these two words and I encourage you to do the same. The reason why it is important to know is this.

Our way of living is on the line BIG TIME because of the tactics of the Woke people.

Here are a few examples of the Woke people’s attacks on us. This is just a small sampling.

Financial Giant Merrill Lynch Assigns “Environmental, Social and Governance” (ESG) Scores to Rate Customers Just Like the Chinese Communist Par

Eric Bolling Takes a Stand For All Of Us and Storms Out of Interview With BBC

Satanic Prayer on Hating White People Included in New “Prayer Book” Being Sold at Target

How do we combat this attack by the Woke? Here are a few ideas:

  • Be informed and speak truth and facts against the emotions of the Woke
  • When speaking, be kind and encouraging to offset the hateful and discouraging words of the Woke. However, don’t be a wimp! Be firm!
  • Stand up to the Woke people. They feed on fear. Do not feed them.
  • Be bold and courageous. Be willing to stick your neck out and be one of the 20% who do all the hard work to save a country, a city, a neighborhood or even a school.
  • Start or join a group that is fighting against Woke policies and people.
  • Be part of this next great Awakening in our country and across the globe. The Revolutionary War took its roots from one Great Awakening and you can read more about it here: Great Awakening (By the way, Woke people hate history. It hurts their false narrative.)

My friends — this is not a time to sleep. It’s certainly not a time to allow the Woke to rule. It is time for you to open your eyes, clean out your ears, dig into the facts and use your voice alongside those who are Awake and waiting for you to join them.

Don’t be afraid. Just imagine yourself as an actor/actress in a sci-fi thriller (feels like it doesn’t it?). Grab your friends who are Awake and strategize on ways to take down the Woke. Remember these two tips when you are putting your heads together:

  • Don’t feed the Woke with your fear.
  • Use Truth to destroy their lies.

Get busy friends. It’s time to wake up! We have to write the ending of this movie and remember — it always ends when the good guys win. We the Awakened are the good guys!

That’s all folks!!

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives


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