Cutting out Eye’s “tongue”: Mayor’s office doesn’t like dissent

Well, it is official. We will no longer get any information from City Hall. They have deemed us unworthy.”

That was a short email I received from Lloyd Brown, Eye’s Sr. Editor. He had been in contact with the Mayor’s office over the years and just recently found a push back coming from his spokesperson. He let me know he thought something was up and then this email showed up — his feelings were right. The Mayor and his team have decided Eye isn’t “worthy” to give information to.

I looked at the email and knew we were over the target. Something had triggered this “pulling of our tongue” and I immediately called Lloyd to discuss it. Lloyd is a strong, convicted, highly trained journalist, former editor of the Times Union and he served our country as a Marine. He is a straight talker and he makes sure when he’s writing, he has the facts.

We discussed our options and we agreed — “We move on. We do what other media outlets are not doing. We are citizen journalists and it is time for more of us to rise up and applaud efforts by our political servants as well as expose corruption and cronyism. If not us, who?”

It isn’t worthy to go into the reason why the Mayor’s office has deemed us – unworthy. We all know it is because he and his team do not like what we have to say. We all know if the Times Union called and asked for information – they would get it. This is nothing but picking and choosing who they like and don’t. It’s evident the Mayor’s office doesn’t like Eye.

We don’t care.

We are not in a season of being liked in our country. We are way past that. These times of silencing political dissent comes straight out of the playbook of communists and we don’t care if the people doing it have an R or a D next to their name. It’s communistic traits pure and simple.

When social media can silence the words of the President of the United States, you know we are in deep poo. When Christians are banned from posting beliefs about their faith and some pastors are arrested for holding services — you know we are living in a different country than we grew up in.

We are not in America anymore or America is not in those who serve the public.

This last attempt by the Mayor’s office to silence Eye gives me even more hope for what we are doing. We have been working on a major change to Eye and this was not how I planned to announce it. But this morning I feel you should know. You should know because I want you to have the courage it will take all of us to stand up against the communists in our country, our state and our own cities across America.

Eye was formed because we realized we can make a difference locally. More than we can at the national level. We run into our Mayor at the grocery store, our city council member at the soccer game or our school board members at church. We have access to them and they can’t hide out in DC away from their constituents.

Which is why we are happy to announce will be coming to a city near you soon!

A new website will be unfolding and citizen journalists and activists will have a platform to discuss what’s going on in their city. The focus will be on city government, schools, businesses, crime and religious persecution at the local level.

This new website will help citizens use best practices from other cities. Sharing of information and strategies will be our focus. Alerting cities to what’s coming their way and helping to communicate between local citizens will be the balm we need to heal our cities.

Eye On My City has a a vision to Take Back America One City At A Time

This decision by the Mayor’s office is what we call – the final push to get this done. So in a way — I’m very happy they tried to silence Eye. It only gave us fuel for our big idea.

The consequences of silencing dissent always leads to massive changes in a culture. And like many before us who stood up against those with these silencing tactics, we will not go quietly into the night. We will fight to have our voices heard once again and our mission to Encourage Integrity and Accountability and Expose Corruption and Cronyism is exactly the anointing every city needs to Make America America Again.

Stay tuned for Eye On My City coming soon. How can you help and become involved?

  1. If you have friends in other cities who are fighting the good fight locally, put us in touch with them please. We want to help them and coordinate efforts.
  2. We are also looking for organizations to partner with. We know there are many out there that are doing great work and we want to encourage them and support their efforts through pushing out their message on our platform.
  3. Push out our postings. Sign up for our emails. Offer to write stories. Give us information that you might have and we don’t.

Don’t sit back, friends. This is your time in history to stand up against the commies. If you don’t do it now, they will come for you later. They always do.

FYI: You might want to read what Lloyd had to say regarding this latest attempt by the Mayor’s office to cut out our tongue. Politicians to Eye: “You’re fired!”

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives


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