The Democratic Party hypocrisy: Choose abortion but no school choice!

Let me count the ways of the many failed policies of the Democratic party and the Biden/Harris ticket, that hurt many Americans, the black community in general. I like to say, the Biden/Harris duo isn’t dynamic at all, but they have dynamically wreaked havoc on the black community, by falsifying and withholding evidence to incarcerate blacks. With that being said, let’s focus our attention on school choice.

Democrats know, education is the doorway to success. Therefore, they like to place a barricade of racism and injustice in front of that door. Constantly reminding minorities every four years, that they can never overcome this social dilemma. However, if you vote Democrat, they promise to give you the necessary tools to make it in life, at the same time, stripping blacks from the very right to choose.

They want you to choose abortion but not education.

Biden/Harris, will defund charter schools and take away vouchers (scholarships) that serve to fund private school students’ education for low income families, but if Biden becomes President, funding for charter schools, vouchers and school choice will be taken away.

Choice is very beneficial to minorities, especially the black race all across America. Democrats know, if they keep minorities uneducated and ill-informed, the clutches of poverty and crime will continue to undermine any possibility of escaping degradation.

Keeping minorities in failing schools, Democrats keep their jobs.

So, what is the Democratic party good for? NOTHING, but stoking flames of outrage and thoughts of racism within the black race, and encouraged by the Marxist mainstream media. We see the catastrophic consequences of their diabolical scheme during many months of rioting and chaos. They love using the slight of hand, it’s called the blame game and they have become masters at it. Don’t pay attention to the mayhem we have caused over here for many decades, but look over there. Over there is where President Trump is called a racist, bigot, misogynist, homophobe, and Islamophobe. The white race are all white supremacist too. The Republican party only cares about the rich people. Unfortunately, the gullible black community and white liberals fall for this magic trick every time. Their plan is bolstered by a plethora of influences: China, sports, colleges, Hollywood, media, social media, major corporations and easily persuaded millennials.

Let me paint a picture for you, to make things become more clear, to let everyone know what democrats really think about blacks.

They don’t ask for the black vote, they just assume because you’re black, you are obligated to vote democrat. They believe blacks are incompetent and incapable of learning, so they lower the standards. This is why they want you uneducated, so they can make decisions for you. If you are illiterate and mindless, you wouldn’t comprehend, Hillary pulling hot sauce out of her purse which should be offensive to the black race. Or trying to sound black, “ I don’t feel know ways tired.”

Hillary Clinton also has a deep “respect” and awe of Margaret Sanger’s vision — the vision to exterminate the negro population! Yes, the person instrumental in Planned Parenthood, coming into existence wanted to get rid of black people.

So they all these slight of hand gigs such as entertaining the negros with a Jay-Z/Beyonce concert to get their vote. Or they will try, “ You ain’t black if you don’t vote for Joe Biden.” Remember the famous line of Obama, or were you too mesmerized by your blackness, when he told the black race to, “ Quit your complaining and go put on your walking shoes and go vote.” These are all examples of soft bigotry, yet as a black republican, I hear from the black race constantly, that the republican party are the racists. WHAT?

By keeping blacks uneducated democrats can keep the black community impoverished, destitute, outraged, riddled with crime, and fatherless with poverty programs, as they blame the white race and the republican party.

In sports, if your opponent can not stop one particular play, what do you do? You keep running the same play over and over again, until your opponent stops it. No matter how many times you run it, if it works, you keep running it. The democrats playbook never changes, because it always work, they only have one play, only one strategy. Well actually it’s four: racism, systemic racism, white privilege, and social injustice. I say one, because these terms are synonymous with one another, they work hand in hand, like cookies and milk, and peas and carrots.

Finally, blacks and citizens of America are nothing more than a vote. If you don’t believe me, check out the vicious cycle, every midterm and election year. They whip up their base with racism, white privilege, systemic racism and social injustice. Democratic officials will not stop the rioting, lawlessness hurting law abiding citizens in their cities, because somehow they believe it is hurting Trump’s chances of getting back into office. In reality, this is all about a vote to get back into power. I know, I might sound monotonous, but the democrats don’t have a positive platform, no vision to make America great again, only destruction to this Nation. Destruction of capitalism, businesses, values, patriotism, statues, monuments, police (Authority), the nuclear family and the constitution. By voting the Biden/Harris ticket, you vote: Anti-God, Anti-life, Anti-family, Anti-America and Anti-school choice. I rest my case and I implore you to vote for Donald Trump.

Sonny B is a proud Black American who states, “Like most black babies, I was born a Democrat but later in life I chose to become a Republican. My Vote. My Choice. ”


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