Lori Hershey: You might be a RINO if…

Every election cycle politicians clamor for the votes of hardworking taxpayers. They make promises and many wear masks to hide who they really are at heart. Here at Eye on Jacksonville, we believe that you shouldn’t take all of the campaign hype at face value – voters should carefully examine each candidate and their record. It takes some digging but that’s where you find RINO skeletons!

So what do we mean by RINO? Republican In Name Only means a member of the GOP who’s more liberal than a Republican should be.

Let’s take “Republican” School Board Member Lori Hershey. Despite being reelected to her seat just last year and beating out a true conservative, Matt Schellenberg, Hershey has announced her intention to vacate her seat. She has higher goals for herself and now will run for Florida House of Representatives. Would have been nice to let those who voted for her know she had bigger goals than that of representing our most cherished among us – our children.

This type of behavior is a RINO indicator. They are in it for the next step on the ladder of political success and not in it for their true calling.

So now let’s take a look at Ms. Hershey’s voting record. Unfortunately for the residents of District 16 – Hershey has voted more like a liberal Democrat than a conservative Republican in her time on the school board. 

In addition to being a strong proponent of tax increases, Hershey has been in the pocket of the teachers unions and anti-school choice advocates at every turn. She even took the egregious step in 2017 of suing the Florida Legislature in an attempt to stop them from expanding school choice and charter schools in Florida. HB 7069 or the “Schools of Hope” bill was a key achievement of then Governor Rick Scott and Speaker Richard Corcoran.  RINOs don’t like school choice.

Hershey also “liked” the following tweet accusing Charter Schools and Richard Corcoran of “stealing.” Always follow the likes of your candidates to see what they really believe in. It’s an amazing discovery!

Speaking of Twitter, Eye on Jacksonville wondered if Hershey maybe had softened her tone as she prepared to ask Republican voters for a promotion to a higher office. If you are going to run as a Republican, you should at least like Republican values and people. Correct? Her personal Twitter account shows anything but.

As recently as January, Hershey seemed ecstatic when the Associated Press called the Presidential election for Biden. Hershey took to Twitter and liked posts by the Biden Inaugural Committee, Demi Lavado, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and Jill Biden in addition to personally congratulating Biden and Harris. Some will say this is a way to cross the aisle and make things happen. That doesn’t work anymore and is a major tactic of a RINO. Ms. Hershey has some explaining to do to true Republicans!

But wait, there’s more! “Republican” Hershey even liked multiple tweets calling on President Donald Trump to resign from office. Liz Cheney would be proud of Lori Hershey’s RINO tweeting.

The most egregious finding was when Hershey claimed that Trump was the “least Christ like leader” we have had as President. Ms. Hershey should be asked who she thinks she is. Jesus would have enjoyed speaking these words to her: “Go ahead Lori — cast the first stone.”

If Ms. Hershey wants to be a part of the Republican party, she needs to realize she’s in Florida and Republicans in this great State don’t take kindly to RINOs. We know how to sniff them out and we will do all we can to expose them. Candidly, we like Democrats more than a RINO because at least we know where they stand!

RINOs are in season, friends. Know their tactics, hunt down their true beliefs and make sure you protect yourself and your family from them. RINOs are dangerous and have been heavily involved in destroying the America we love and believe in. Don’t let them take any more ground!

That’s my opinion. What say you?

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


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