What do these three women have in common?

Eye on Jacksonville discovered that a local city council member — a Republican — financially supported the campaign of Debbie Wasserman Schultz LAST YEAR in 2020. As most of you know, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a rabid, liberal Democrat and has not been friendly to Republican policies.

Leanna Cumber, a Republican Jacksonville City Council member, maxed out her giving to Rep. Wasserman Schultz last year in 2020.

Here is the proof of that donation.

We reached out to other high-profile Republicans asking their advice on this shocking discovery. We were told it wasn’t abnormal for a Republican to give to a Democrat when they represent a district that could “never go red” or to a Democrat who is too powerful to take down. That assures the Republican an Open Door to the Democrat should they need anything in the future.

That discussion made me want to take a shower.

After that discussion, Eye reached out to the Republican candidate who ran against Rep. Wasserman Schultz – Carla Spalding. We had a great discussion and learned that Carla is an immigrant from Jamaica, a military veteran and a nurse. She is a staunch Republican and stands for the values of the party platform. Dare we also mention Carla is black?

Carla shared with Eye that she did not get any help from the GOP and they shooed her away due to her running against such a long term Democrat. Carla was fighting the battle alone along with her friends and others supporting her efforts. She lost by 8 points and said the determining factor was…ready for this…mail in ballots at the last minute.

Carla is not giving up and has declared she will run again in 2022. Good for her.

This our friends is the problem with politicians in America. We write districts off. We don’t have faith in the people of those districts to change their way of thinking. We think it’s a lost cause. We make it hard for those who truly want to run for the sake of doing the right thing for America. We choose instead to have access to the open door of a far-left liberal Democrat than to stand on the principles of the Republican party platform.

This must change. There is only one way we can reclaim America. Stand on principle. Stand for American values. Resist the temptation supporting open doors of rabid liberals. Close them instead!!

And for heaven’s sake, check out those who call themselves a Republican and do your research. It’s not difficult. The information is there – you just have to go look for it.

Just like Eye did when we dug into the contributions of Leanna Cumber. We found out she worked for Bill Nelson, wrote him multiple checks, wrote contributions to Alex Sink against Jeb Bush and in the most contested election of our lifetime, maxed out her contribution to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and was a Top 100 donor to her campaign. What the heck?

Bottom line is this: Support Republicans like Carla Spalding. If she’s willing to lay it all on the line to run, we should do our part and help her all we can. And then, when it’s time for Republicans to run who gave to the Democratic party — vote them out. They are RINOs – period.

NOTE: Want to know more about Carla Spalding?

Carla Spalding is an American Patriot who moved to the United States from the Island of Jamaica at the age of 18. As a proud American citizen, Her story epitomizes the essence of what makes this country great! 

She is a Veteran, College Professor, Registered Nurse and above all, a single working mother. Her life experience illustrates her passion to serve others and her desire to better the future of the people around her. Despite differences, experiences, and challenges Carla believes it is our American spirit that allows us to endure any circumstance and prosper. She is known for her commitment for helping others and making a difference in people’s lives.

She proudly served in the United States Navy and later earned a Master’s degree in Nursing with a specialty in Education. She is a Mental Health Professor and a former nurse at the VA Regional Medical Center. Carla is also a published author, a College Advisory Curriculum Board member, Former Associate Director of Nursing and former Council Secretary for the Salvation Army in South Florida. Before leaving the VA Regional Medical Center, Spalding was honored as Nurse of the Year in 2013 in recognition of her hard work and dedication for service to veterans. 
Carla is running for Congress in District 23 to defend our country and its people.

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives


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