It’s not about the monuments — it’s about the game

Dear friends and followers.  Did you know you are a part of a game where you have no control over how you are played?  Are you aware of the part you play or the one assigned to you by controllers?  Do you like being a game piece?  Do you like who controls your script?

Let me explain.

One generation a hundred years ago erected a monument to bring healing and unity to a ravaged nation after the Civil War.  That was the original intent of the monument dismantled yesterday in Hemming Plaza per the original documents preserved in the Jacksonville Historical Society.   See the document here:…-1.pdf

Yesterday another generation took down that same monument with the same intent to bring healing and unity to a ravaged nation after the death of a black man by a police officer created the worst riots ever in our nation.  Those riots were not from those who lived in the community but instead were from paid rioters who were highly trained to create havoc, stir up dissension and divide our country again.  Whoever paid them also instructed them to attempt to forcibly enter the White House and kill our President. 

The media will not speak this truth because they are one of the controllers of your life.  They control what you see, hear and believe.  The other controllers are politicians who pretend to care by kneeling in Congress or locally by tearing down monuments.  Both are band-aids on a systemic deception played on the American people to gin us up and keep us divided. 

The politicians are off the chain and the media is their hand puppet.  While they deceive us, communities have been destroyed and once again innocent people living within are the victims of their game. 

In order to win back our freedoms and be released as game pieces, we must begin to seek the truth, speak with the intent to heal and unify our communities and make educated decisions on those who will lead our nation, our state and our city.  Can we begin with these questions to start our removal as game pawns:

  1. Is systemic racism real or is it really systemic deception by the media and the left to win their political game at the cost of our lives and our peace?
  2. While we scream for justice in the streets, will we also scream for justice against those who want to divide us and destroy our homeland with treasonous acts?  Should justice be fairly distributed to all – even if they are controllers?
  3. While we demand the dismantling of stone monuments, can we also agree to demand the dismantling of abortion clinics where babies of blood and bone are sold to the highest bidder?
  4. Can we agree that ironfisted politicians must be removed and replaced with those who want to serve the people with soft hearts, wise words and with freedom and justice for ALL as their platform?
  5. Will we consider love as our tool for healing and if so, what does that look like?
  6. Can we agree that paid rioters are not our friends and we will do everything possible to see them arrested and put away for as long as possible to keep us safe?  Will we also demand the arrest of those who paid them?
  7. Will we agree to listen, truly listen, and reason with others who don’t look like us, come from the same culture or think differently than we do?  Can we do that without being hateful?
  8. Can we say — without being ridiculed, mocked or fired from our jobs that all lives matter — because they do?
  9. Can we turn back to God and ask Him to help us, heal us and show us the way to be better people?  Maybe rethink instituting the 10 Commandments and throw away millions of regulations put on us by our controllers? God is a simple God and we desire a simple life.

Today is a new day in Jacksonville.  More monuments are on the chopping block and while we wonder the reasoning behind this band-aid tactic – may we instead do something that might truly heal our community.

Pray for each other.  Love each other.  Refocus our attention from devouring each other and instead expose the controllers – the politicians and the media – and demand justice for their treasonous acts against us.

We are not game pieces, my friends.  We are human beings made in the image of God.  We are blessed.  Let’s live a life worthy of that blessing and once again become “We the People” – not wee little people controlled by those with evil and self-serving intent. 

We can do this.  Let’s start our own game where everyone lives in peace, works for the welfare of mankind and loves one another.  What a lovely game that would be. It was the original intent of our maker and He was right all along.

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


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