Can the media be held accountable for suppressing information?

Big news came out yesterday regarding Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden. It appears Hunter was heavily involved in a deal with China and has been under investigation with the FBI for some time now. Some time meaning…prior to the election.

The friendly media and big tech suppressed that information so people were not informed and were led like sheep to the polls.

Voters were polled and one in six Biden voters would have changed their vote if they had known about this scandal and many others such as sexual allegations against Joe Biden himself. They also did not know that Kamala Harris was considered the most liberal and radical Senator. Senator Harris will be President should Joe Biden be forced to resign or is unable to fulfill his duties.

You can read the actual polling data here: Poll One in Six

Eye reached out to a local attorney, Daniel Bean of Abel Bean Law P.A., to see if there was recourse for those who would have voted differently had they been given this information. We wondered if the media or big tech could be sued for their interference in the election. Mr. Bean stated, “I do not believe the media’s wrongful action gives a citizen standing.  Arguably a citizen has his/her own obligation to educate themselves and has no fundamental right to rely on the media.  So a citizen will not possess standing based on the intentional act of burying the story.”

So legally there is no recourse for the nefarious actions of the national and local media and big tech. Shameful.

Stepping aside from his legal opinion, he shared his personal opinion which we agree with, “In my opinion, our media no longer reports the news; it intentionally makes it and shapes it.  The expansion of the 24 hour news cycle created gaps and it is much easier to fill that vacuum with your own personnel opinion rather than hitting the streets and conducting investigations.”

So there you have it friends. We are reading “opinions” of very liberal newspaper “journalists” and real news is no longer inside their shops.

So what do you do? It is up to YOU to do your own due diligence and search out the truth of the matter on your own. There are fantastic organizations out there who are putting out content for your consumption and would love to have you read and comment on their findings. We also would like to suggest you consider changing your search engine to where you will find content Google is suppressing. Also some of Eye’s favorite online content providers are: The Gateway Pundit, The Heritage Foundation, The Epoch Times and Judicial Watch. If you have any providers you feel are worthy to share with Eye’s followers, please let us know.

We have heard the mantra, “We’re all in this together” as it applied to COVID19 – a plague on the world. We think that mantra is even more true as it applies to the other plague on the world, Suppression of the Truth.

“We’re all in this together” to search out and discover beautiful truths that will set us free and bring peace and prosperity back to our homeland. We can do this for each other and share our findings. We’ll do our part and welcome yours.

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives


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