“Where’s the beef?”  DeSantis signs legislation boycotting fake meat

 Florida has a strong beef industry. At a press conference in Hardee County (a top cattle county), DeSantis explained:

“We’re fighting back against an ideology that ultimately wants to eliminate meat production in the U.S. and around the globe. In the state of Florida we’ve put down the marker very clearly; we stand with agriculture. We stand with the cattle ranchers. We stand with our farmers because we understand it’s important for the backbone of the state. It’s important for our culture. It’s important for our heritage to say take your fake, lab-grown meat elsewhere. We’re not doing that in the state of Florida.”

According to the Farm Journal, lab-grown meat is currently only approved to be sold in the U.S. (of course) and Singapore. Italy banned lab-grown meat in February.

Well, other states? You guys coming, or are you going to eat those cricket-dogs?

Jeff Childers

Jeff Childers is the president and founder of the Childers Law firm. Jeff interned at the Federal Bankruptcy Court in Orlando, where he helped write several widely-cited opinions. He then worked as an associate with the prestigious firm of Winderweedle, Haines, Ward & Woodman in Orlando and Winter Park, Florida before moving back to Gainesville and founding Childers Law. Jeff served for three years on the Board of Directors of the Central Florida Bankruptcy Law Association. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Eighth Judicial Bar Association, and on the Rules Committee for the Northern District of Florida Bankruptcy Court. Jeff has published several articles as co-author with Professor William Page of the Levin College of Law (University of Florida) on the topic of anti-trust in the Microsoft case. He also is the author of an article on the topic of Product Liability in the Software Context. Jeff focuses his area of practice on commercial litigation, elections law, and constitutional issues. He is a skilled trial litigator and appellate advocate. http://www.coffeeandcovid.com/


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