Want to know more about our beloved Governor DeSantis? Here you go!

Want to know more about our beloved Governor DeSantis?  Here you go.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

I met Ron DeSantis during the tea party days. I immediately knew there was something very special about him and what resonated more than anything was his drive to pursue the calling on his life. With his strong and beautiful wife, Casey, by his side as his helpmate, he worked tirelessly day and night to win the votes of his district. They walked neighborhoods, knocked on doors and attended every event where his constituents might be. Casey was right there with him or without him as sometimes they split up to go to more places and meet more people. They were a team and on the same mission — tell the people the truth about America.

You got the feeling this wasn’t about power and status. It was about DeSantis’ goal to educate and remind people of the uniqueness of America and the fact we needed to protect her. As a veteran, Ron DeSantis knew what it was like to serve in that capacity but showed everyone he came in contact with how they could serve where they were and on their own paths of life. We are all in the fight together to save America and DeSantis helped us realize that.

Ron went on to win his seat in Congress and served faithfully. He was a great communicator and he personally made sure his message was getting to the American people. I ran into Ron one day in front of the Lincoln Memorial after he won. It was a hot, sticky day in DC, yet he was outside with a staff member and a camera as he recorded a message to his constituents. He didn’t let the mainstream media do that for him because he knew – as we know now – they could not be trusted to deliver his message.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of DeSantis’ friends from his past. All of them say he was driven. He was passionate. He didn’t let obstacles stand in his way. He worked hard. He never waivered in following the goals he set for himself. He’s a born leader with a steel rod for a backbone.

And as we all know, liberals hate those who have a backbone. Especially ones of steel.

I’ve been watching the unending attacks on him and we know those attacks will keep coming — stronger and more wicked than ever before as his seat comes up for re-election. We ask that you defend him, support him, and share the truth about our Governor with everyone you come in contact with. People want to talk about him so it’s easy to find those conversations and share what you know to be true and why we Luv the Gov!

If you want to know how our Governor thinks, I suggest you download his book, Dreams From Our Founding Fathers: First Principles in the Age of Obama.

You can find out about a person when you read the books or articles they write. You don’t need the far left media driving the narrative and placing propaganda in your head. Educate yourself and learn from our Governor from the words he himself penned on the pages of this book.

Check out his Wikipedia page too and learn more about the real DeSantis.

Become a Defend DeSantis Delegate (I made this up but feel free to use it). Fight for Florida’s Governor. Fight for Florida! Put on your steel spine and stand with him. If you don’t have one — then put on the full armor of God and you’ll be warriored up for the fight. Gov. DeSantis suggested that in a recent speech and it sounds like a pretty good idea to Eye.

You can’t lose with a full armor and steel backbone…it’s a winning strategy!

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


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