Should we follow the money on this redistricting debacle?

An investigation by local grassroots activists associated with has uncovered a money trail that MAY lead to a more sinister issue at work here.

See for yourself if you think something stinks!

District 2 is the district in question. The candidates in that District race are:

1. Mike Gay, Republican — See his website here

2. Lindsey Brock, Republican – See his website here

3. Jennifer Casey, Republican – See her website here

Check out the money trail of donations to Lindsey Brock and donations also received from Lindsey Brock to those serving on the redistricting committee.

Note none are to Mike Gay.

Redistricting Committee MembersReceived donations from Lindsey BrockDonated to Lindsey Brock
*Terrance Freeman, Rep.YesYes
*Aaron Bowman, Rep.NoNo
Rory Diamond, Rep.NoNo
Nick Howland, Rep.YesNo
Sam Newby, Rep.NoNo
Randy White, Rep.NoYes
Ju’Coby PittmanNoNo


Aaron Bowman’s City Council Assistant for years is Lindsey Brock’s wife

Terrance Freeman used Lindsey Brock as his attorney

All 5 members of the City Council Redistricting Committee in question above either use Tim Baker or Alexander Pantinakis as their consultants. That may mean nothing but some believe it does. That’s for you to consider.

Could it be that the Redistricting Committee is in “cahoots” with Lindsey and attempting to draw Mike Gay out of the district?

We don’t know but we encourage Mike Gay to speak up, stand up and demand all members of the committee who gave or received donations from Lindsey Brock step down from the committee.

How can this be fair if money has been exchanged between the parties?

Is this another “good old boys of Jacksonville” attempt to keep control and power?

What do you think, friends?

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


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