Protect your property against scammers

Did you know Duval County has set up a Property Fraud Alert system designed to protect property owners from fraudulent activities related to their property titles.

The rising threat of mortgage fraud and identity theft has left many victims unaware that their property or identity has been stolen. While Property Fraud Alert cannot prevent fraud from occurring, it serves as an early warning system for property owners. By entering your personal and/or business name, you will receive notifications whenever a document is recorded with a match to your name.

Scammers are known to record fake deeds, deceiving people into believing they own homes or businesses that are not theirs. Subsequently, they swindle money from innocent individuals looking to rent or buy these properties.

This system will allow property owners to sign up for FREE notifications whenever a document, such as a deed or mortgage, is recorded with their name or property information.

This early alert can help prevent scammers from falsely claiming ownership of a property.


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