Let them eat bugs!!

As if life in our beloved America could not be more stressful, we now have to worry about our food supply and WHAT they are supplying! 

The left is hell bent on eliminating American’s love for a good steak on the grill or a cheeseburger– because cows produce too much gas and damage the environment.  Right next to grass fed beef, you will find the new lab-tested meats, Beyond Meat.  It is fake meat and is suppose to be better for you than the meat God gave us when He populated the earth with man and beasts.  Men always think they can do better than God when it comes to … well just about anything! 

And then there are the chickens.  They are not coming home to roost!  The Western Standard recently compiled a list of food facilities across the globe that have been destroyed by fire.  Check out the article here:  Food shortages magnified by string of destroyed food processing facilities.

So our beef and chickens are under attack but no worries  – our government funded media outlet, NPR has the solution for all of us.   


You read that right.  Crickets.   

Check out this in-depth article about the Biden Administration’s plan to encourage the eating of insects and bugs instead of cows, pigs and chickens and prepare to be disgusted. 

U.S. Public Broadcasting Promotes American Diet of Insects to Support Biden Administration Climate Change Initiatives 

We love other media outlets that are doing the deep research and keeping us informed and we will all work together to ensure that our fellow Americans know the truth.   “Hearing crickets?”  Not on our watch! 

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


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