Medication or Food? Choose one.

You have either heard the radio ads or watched the T.V. commercials where individuals must choose to pay for their prescription medication or put food on the table.  This scenario, sadly, is far too common for such a prosperous nation like the United States. 

The Rand Corporation completed a study early this year pointing out that the developed nations across the globe pay at least 20% less than Americans for their prescription drugs.  For this reason, President Donald Trump established the “Putting America First” policy through Executive Order 13948 (E.O.). The E.O. stated Americans would not pay more for prescription drugs than any others.  This E.O. will lower drug prices for all Americans. 

Unfortunately, on Jan. 20, 2021, President Joe Biden directed his Chief of Staff Ronald Klein to prevent this E.O. from taking effect.  So, for now, Americans will still have to suffer the dilemma of paying for food or medication.

I’m Debbie G and a citizen journalist. I served in the military and love this country deeply.


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