Important Notice for 904 Area Code Residents: Changes Coming to Telephone Numbers

Florida’s 904 area code is facing a shortage of telephone numbers due to a growing population and the increasing demand for new numbers driven by advancing technologies. In response, the Florida Public Service Commission (FPC) has approved an overlay plan for the 904 Number Plan Area, affecting residents in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Fernandina Beach, Orange Park, and surrounding communities.

What is an Area Code Overlay?

An area code overlay involves adding a new area code to the same geographic region as existing ones. Importantly, this change does not mandate customers to alter their existing area code or phone number.

Who Will be Affected and When?

Starting February 26, 2024, customers in the 904 area code seeking new service, an additional line, or relocating their service may be assigned a phone number with the new 324 area code. Both the 324 and 904 area codes will coexist within the region.

What Current Customers Need to Do?

  1. Dial 10-Digits for Local Calls: Current customers will eventually need to dial 10 digits for all local calls within the overlay region.
  2. Identify Telephone Numbers as 10-Digit Numbers: When providing their number, customers must identify their telephone numbers as a 10-digit number, including the area code and 7-digit number.
  3. Update Equipment: Ensure that all services, automatic dialing equipment, or other types of equipment recognize the new area code as valid. Continue programming telephone numbers with 10-digit formats.

What Remains the Same

  1. Existing Numbers: Customers’ telephone numbers, including the current area code, will not change.
  2. Pricing and Services: The price of calls, coverage area, and other rates and services will remain unchanged.
  3. Local Calls: What is currently considered a local call will remain so, regardless of the number of digits.
  4. Emergency Services: Customers can still dial just three digits to reach 911, as well as other essential services like 211, 311, 411, 522, 611, 711, or 811 if available in their community.

For More Information

For additional details, residents can contact their current service provider, visit the provider’s website, or call the PSC’s toll-free number at 1-800-342-3552.

This overlay plan is a necessary step to accommodate the increasing demand for telephone numbers in the 904 area code and ensure continued seamless communication for all residents. Stay informed and make the necessary adjustments to your dialing habits to avoid any disruptions in service.


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