Guest Writer from Tallahassee knows Dem Gubernatorial Gillum well. Duval helped Gillum win.

NOTE FROM EYE FOUNDER, BILLIE TUCKER:  Duval County helped Socialist Gubernatorial Candidate Gillum win.  Without Duval County, he would have lost.  What’s up with Duval County?  Are our citizens ready for socialism?  We asked Friends of Eye from Tallahassee to give us their take.  They are residents under Mayor Gillum and are no fans of his leadership.  Here’s what they had to say.


As Florida entered into Tuesday’s Primary election for 2018 the Democratic party had put forward seven candidates for consideration with the victor poised to lead their party forward into November’s General election. Emerging as winner was underdog candidate to Gwen Graham, Andrew Gillum.


Many Floridians were stunned and really had no idea who Gillum actually was. Given the fact that his name recognition was less than other candidates, and his ability to campaign in a statewide race was untested. Gillum closed the deal however with an almost 3% margin ahead of Graham, taking 34.3% of the vote in a seven candidate race.


With the primary complete the heat will be turned up on Gillum. He was able to avoid most issues in the primary that are dinner table topics in Tallahassee. Gillum has served as Tallahassee’s Mayor since August of 2014. Issues such as pay to play, spending taxpayer funds on his campaign, an ongoing F.B.I. corruption investigation, are well known and have been covered extensively by local broadcast media. Reports of FBI undercover operations against the Mayor and his staff in recent months gave Tallahassee residents even more reason to doubt he would be viable as a gubernatorial candidate. Subpoenas issued in June of 2017 by DOJ requesting thousands of documents involving Gillum and his staff highlight ties between Gillum and his close friend Adam Corey. Corey has served on Gillum’s campaigns and plays a leading role in the saga that is the continuing F.B.I. corruption investigation.


Another less known fact to the general public is, Where is Gillums money coming from? It appears that the majority of monies, according to reports from The Tampa Times, are coming from leftist progressive billionaires like George Soros and Tom Steyer. Millions of dollars have poured into the state from Hollywood elites as well.


Supporters of Gillum from the left include former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders known for his socialist beliefs and Representative Alcee Hastings (D) from Florida’s 20th District.


Gillum had been on Hillary Clinton’s short list of VP picks. Ultimately she choose Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia.


Gillum’s win on Tuesday night did not go without notice from Washington as President Trump tweeted about the DeSantis victory, slamming Gillum in the same tweet.



“Not only did Congressman Ron DeSantis easily win the Republican Primary, but his opponent in November is his biggest dream….a failed Socialist Mayor named Andrew Gillum who has allowed crime & many other problems to flourish in his city. This is not what Florida wants or needs!” – President Trump



Given the political tensions building toward this November’s midterm election, the next two months will be a bare knuckle brawl. DeSantis just gave the leftist media all the ammo they will need for the rest of this post election weekend. During a Fox News interview just hours after his victory, DeSantis was accused of making a racial slur when he said, “Florida shouldn’t monkey this up by embracing the agenda of Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum.”


Neither party can afford to head into 2020 without Florida’s swing state currency being manipulated from a party friendly mansion in Tallahassee.  Count on tens of millions of dollars for both candidates flooding Florida like a slow moving tropical rain event. Current and former Presidents will be getting frequent flyer miles in the next several weeks and Bernie may want to ship the Tesla southward.

Pay attention.  Register to vote if you are not registered now.  Get your family and friends to register too.  This November is going to be a serious election for all of us.  If you want Florida to continue its dynamic growth – vote for Ron DeSantis.  If you want to hand out your hard earned dollars to others like socialists love to do – vote for Gillum.  Gillum calls it progressive, we call it freedom’s suicide.

Guest Contributors — Anthony D. Stephens, Greg Marr, Jr. from Right Angle Media Group, LLC, Tallahassee, Florida





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