Do you want Gov. DeSantis to run for President?

According to an article published by the Daily Caller on April 13, 2023, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is reportedly staffing his presidential campaign team for the 2024 election in a quiet and strategic manner. Rather than making big public announcements or high-profile hires, DeSantis has been building up the Florida Republican Party by appointing loyal supporters to key positions.

Daily Caller suggests that these appointments are a sign of DeSantis’ plans to seek the GOP nomination for the presidential race. The appointees reportedly include political strategists and fundraising experts who are expected to play a crucial role in DeSantis’ campaign.

Despite not formally announcing his candidacy, DeSantis is widely seen as a strong contender for the GOP nomination. He has garnered significant attention for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida, as well as his conservative policies on issues such as immigration and gun rights.

It is not uncommon for sitting governors to lay the groundwork for a potential presidential campaign, and in many cases, it is considered to be a wise political move to plan ahead.

Governors have access to a range of resources and networks that can be useful in building a strong campaign team, such as political connections, fundraising capabilities, and experience in managing a state government.

However, some people may have different opinions on the appropriateness of governors using their current position to prepare for a presidential run, especially if it involves using state resources or neglecting their current duties as governor. 

Eye would love to hear what you think about the possibility of Gov. DeSantis running for President.  Share your comments with us please.

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