Fernandina Beach: The day the music died?

The beautiful town of Fernandina Beach is one of my favorite “go-to towns” when I want to get out of town and enjoy a more leisurely community. I love the downtown shops, the waterfront sunsets, and the vibe of different restaurants with unique and delicious foods and the music from local artists.

But once again, it appears there are some people who don’t “wanna have fun” and want to change all this beauty and fun.

In recent weeks, we wrote about the city’s building department and their over-reaching burdensome regulations, highway robbery fees aka permits and an employee who takes “mall cop” to a higher and more destructive level. A recent survey from the Chamber of Commerce showed those accusations to be true. Read the results of that survey here: Survey Says

Now it appears music is in the cross hairs of some in city leadership. After a year of COVID’s effects on this sleepy town, some are complaining that the renewed music in downtown establishments is too loud. The musicians are nervous the city is going to restrict their ability to make money by over-regulating their industry. They voiced their concerns this week at a city commissioner’s meeting where the “decibels” rose and the angst did too.

A recent article about that meeting appeared in the Fernandina Observer. At the very end of the article the truth came out — “Deputy FBPD Chief Mark Foxworth reported that since 2017, only 5 citations have been issued citywide for violations of the noise ordinance.  He also stated they were able to resolve complaints informally for the most part, with the police working constructively with residents and businesses.”

So in other words, there are some people looking for a problem to fix where there isn’t a problem.

It’s the same old story — government trying to regulate a few instead of letting the community handle it themselves. I’m reminded of the old business adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Fernandina Beach is a sweet town and it needs to find out where all this negativity is coming from and rid itself of it. The world has experienced too much sadness and government over-regulation this past year. It’s time to make sure the day doesn’t come when the music dies too.

“Put on your joy” Fernandina Beach leaders and bring back that tranquility to your town. It’s not hard — just be kind and work together for the good of the whole. Plus I want to get away to your little town and bring out of town guests with me.

Throw out your welcome mat, open your doors and let the music soothe our souls.

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives


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