Tracie Davis – Bad for School Choice. Bad for our Children.

The District 13 House of Representative seat between incumbent Tracie Davis and candidate Dr. Cynthia Smith is up for grabs.

By choosing radical leftist incumbent Tracie Davis, you side with the teacher’s union, which is totally AGAINST school choice. On the other hand, Dr. Cynthia Smith is FOR school choice. Dr. Smith believes school choice decisions should be left in the hands of the parents and not politicians. This means Dr. Smith is concerned for the best interest of the child. This is why Dr. Cynthia Smith is my pick in this upcoming election.

This time around, District 13 House of Representative ballot is a universal primary election, which makes it unique. What does that mean? It means both Republicans and Democrats will be able to cast their vote on this ticket and I’m counting on both parties voting for Dr. Smith.

Electing Dr. Cynthia Smith as the District 13 House of Representative on August 18, 2020 is the only choice, because Dr. Smith understands the importance of school choice.

Now give me a moment to explain why having school choice is so important:

 Education in America has become a battle ground for possession of young impressionable minds, easily persuaded by every whim thrown their way. During this hostile political climate, we see the effects of the media, grade school, and college indoctrination. Unfortunately, public schools have become a breeding ground for early radical leftist thinking. This is why having school choice is so significant.

I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and a young lady who became the face of school choice:

I am a proud black American father of six (6) wonderful children and husband to my beautiful wife of 22 years. My wife is an awesome homemaker, which makes me the breadwinner of our family. Even though it can be difficult at times to maintain a family of eight (8) on one income. Whereas, the one income fortunately affords us the opportunity to qualify for Step up for Students scholarship (voucher) for each of our kids. We decided on two choices for our children; That is: a private Christian school or home schooling. Public school was not an option for our family. We wanted our children to be educated in a wholesome environment with Christian values. The kind of education our kids receives is vitally important to us. Having the ability to choose, benefits a majority of black students and students of all races across the country.

I mentioned earlier about a young lady who became the face of school choice. Denisha Merriweather is someone my wife and I mentored as a young teenager. She was recognized during President Trump’s first State of the Union speech. Therefore, we know first hand the positive results from having a choice. Denisha was a failing student in public school, but became an honor roll student instantaneously while attending a Christian private school. She persevered from a failing student, to an honor roll student and into a young lady working very closely with Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. If that isn’t a success story for school choice, I don’t know what is.

Lastly, school choice gives students a better chance to excel in life. Therefore, making them productive and successful men and women in society. This is why it is crucial we vote candidates in office who are in favor of school choice, because elections can serve to have lasting negative consequences. Let’s make the right choice, the only choice for District 13, Dr. Cynthia Smith. 

May God bless America.

Sonny B is a proud Black American who states, “Like most black babies, I was born a Democrat but later in life I chose to become a Republican. My Vote. My Choice. ”



Sonny B is a proud Black American who states, “Like most black babies, I was born a Democrat but later in life I chose to become a Republican. My Vote. My Choice.


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