Schools drop contract with controversial sex-oriented organization

Duval County schools have terminated a contract with JASMYN, a local organization that supports the homosexual lifestyle.

“The district simply cannot partner with the organization given their use of program materials that the district believes to be inappropriate for use with children,” a spokesman for the schools said. The materials in question include a card game that has incensed local parents including activist and YouTube influencer Quisha King. JASMYN promoted the game on Instagram.

The card game features cards with pictures of various types of penises and scrotums. After the Florida Standard published a story by Zac Howard on Nov. 18, parents began to protest.

The school system has paid $180,000 to JASMYN over the last three years via a Division of Adolescent Sexual Health grant.

JASMYN also has been named on the school district’s LGBTQ+ Support Guide as a local resource for students.

The $45,000 contract with the school district that was just terminated called for JASMYN to collaborate with a committee to guide “strategies, promotion, implementation and evaluation” of “student health” projects. It also called for the group to assist with training teachers and conduct at least one training through the Parent Academies on LGBTQ topics. It began Aug. 1 and would have run until the end of June 2023.

Like other such organizations, JASMYN purports to help young children who are bullied because of their sexual preferences, especially those who require “gender-affirming care.”.

Eye on Jacksonville asked the local school district recently to provide the number of cases of bullying in which so-called “transgender” children were victims. It could not identify a single case.

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