Strategic Incentives Infiltrating Our Schools

If CRT is banned in schools, and the sexualization of our children is illegal in schools, then please explain to me how a city-funded nonprofit has a federal (Obama appointed) judge, School Board Superintendent, School Board Member, and a JSO officer (who is a running for Sheriff), sitting on the board. And, how is this board able to justify outsourcing training of our teachers to a third party, training which will be brought back into the classroom? 

Does the law prevent the outsourced training on these banned topics from being implemented into the classroom? 

Is rewarding WOKE teachers with monetary incentives fair to teachers who just want to teach? 

If we can’t trust a judge, elected officials, and a police officer to protect our children and the Parents Bill of Rights, who can WE trust? 

Don’t shoot the messenger. Visit the Jacksonville Public Education Fund website at and click on the “Strategic Incentives” tab to see for yourself.  Duval County School Board has the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funding our schools through these types of “Strategic Incentives.”  

We don’t have to accept this. We have to enforce the laws that are in place.  Email us at [email protected] if you would like to know how WE THE PARENTS can stop this once and for all.   

Maleana Gay

Maleana Gay was born in Valdosta, Georgia at Moody Air Force Base. She has resided in Jacksonville for over 45 years. She and her husband share 3 incredible children, and she is the daughter of retired Air Force Veteran. Maleana began working in the legal field upon graduation from First Coast High School. She obtained her degrees from FSCJ and vocational training at the Stenotype Institute. She began her career as a stenographer on a day many will never forget, 9/11. “Over the course of my career, I managed to learn a little about a lot, and fine-tuned my sixth sense.” She has served on the Executive Board for the Republican Women’s Club of Duval Federated as the Elections Committee Chair. She presently serves as the Finance and Accountability Lead for County Citizens Defending Freedom, Self-described: Unapologetic Conservative, Christian, Constitutionalist


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