Sonny B: Mayor’s Mask Mandate doesn’t jive with Governor’s ruling

I am a proud black American citizen of this great country. I am a father of (6) six wonderful children with my lovely and beautiful wife of 22 years. This letter is to Mayor Lenny Curry and the whole city council, in regards to the mask mandate.


Governor Ron DeSantis proposed a mask mandate lift on November 30th 2020 for the state of Florida. I am pleading with the mayor and city council to stand up for the citizens and businesses of Jacksonville. As a free man of the United States of America and citizen of our great city, please comply with the mask lift, by using the media to reverse this madness they’ve helped cause.

I don’t want to be told from the government how to live my life. Especially, while elected officials like Governor Gavin Newsom host dinner parties in his mansion without social distancing or mask. The false narrative of mask protection is pushed by the democratic mainstream media (enemy of the people), to project fear into the American people. This is why I despise the media because they are liars, deceitful, diabolical, and dividers of our nation. With their propaganda and rhetoric we see the catastrophic devastation of very high racial tensions going on presently in our country. The media has become very cunning in throwing the rock and hiding their hand. Malcolm X, summed up the media best, ”The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power, because they control the minds of the masses.”  

It has been proven scientifically, that a mask does not protect you from the Wuhan, China virus (Covid-19), but the government wants us to believe otherwise. They also told us casinos and abortion clinics were essential, REALLY?

We go into a restaurant with a mask on but are “allowed” to take them off the whole time we’re eating. Does the virus not attack while we’re eating? That’s a rhetorical question by the way. Hypothetically speaking, if the mask does protect as the government and media says it does, then those wanting to continue to wear the mask, then let them wear them. However, I do not want to wear a mask, and do not want to be told to do so. It’s my life right?

Laws tell women, it’s their body and their right to have an abortion (murder unborn babies), but I don’t have a choice to wear a stupid mask. The NFL gives penalties and fines for disrespecting the referees, but it’s ok to disrespect the National Anthem and flag.  This is a good example of calling wrong, right and calling right, wrong.

I’m not saying the virus isn’t real, but I am saying that this virus has been propagandized and prostituted like a .50 cent whore and you know it. Why do I say this? One of the many successes of President Trump, was he could hang his hat on a flourishing economy. The democratic socialist, republican establishment, foreign foes, and mainstream media were enraged with his success, because it didn’t come by the chosen one (Barack Obama).

Millions of Americans have and are suffering because of a disdain for President Trump. What? Do you think we’re blind and can’t see the obvious contempt for the president? All Americans are not ill-informed and foolish because we ditched the fake news media a long time ago, Fox included. As a result of REAL NEWS we’ve come to the realization of the political games played by both political party affiliations, which is why we need a new political party for the patriots. For instance, we know about the different therapeutics to treat patients with the coronavirus. Unfortunately, the therapeutics are blocked by: FDA, CDC, WHO, politicians, big pharma and pharmacies. The media tells us that therapeutics are more harmful than the virus itself.

And let us not forget Big Tech: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and how they censor the very information given to help and inform the American people. Because of this grotesque willful negligence, people are allowed to die, to promote fear and destroy the economy. Why? Again, for a hatred for the president and lack of concern for the citizens of America. The media is complicit in the success of this well thought out wicked scheme. 

FEAR, FEAR , FEAR!!! Program the American people to correlate Covid-19 cases with death. Speak fear 24/7, so when the virus becomes ineffective of actually taking lives, the brainwashing will be complete, Covid cases and deaths are now synonymous.

Let me give you an example of the mass control: People I know have shunned the idea of therapeutics because they say it wasn’t made for Covid-19. I’m literally arguing the fact by saying, if extra strength Tylenol cures Covid-19, who cares if it was made for fever, aches and pain, if it cures Covid-19, bring on the Tylenol. No changing their minds from the mesmerizing spell of the media. What lunacy!!!

The media predicted another surge of virus cases several months ago. How do they know? Sweden was ridiculed for not shutting down their economy. Why didn’t Japan get scorned for not shutting down their economy? I’ll answer if for you…because the media and the world knows that Japan doesn’t care what they think. Sweden, a country of 10.2 million people only had 6,681 deaths because of the virus.

Please understand, I am not belittling the loss of life by any means, I believe every life is precious even though BLM/Antifa doesn’t think so. This is a quote from, “ According to the latest WHO data published in 2018 influenza and pneumonia deaths in Sweden reached 2,701 or 3.57% of total deaths.” This is pretty close to half of the covid deaths. Let’s talk about influenza and pneumonia in the U.S., there are between 60-80 thousand deaths every year, but there isn’t 24/7 coverage of those deaths and fear mongering. USA Today published an article about the scamdemic on September 1, 2020. Here is an actual quote from the USA Today column, about the recent CDC report,  “ This week the CDC quietly updated the Covid number to admit that only 6% of the 153,504 deaths recorded actually died from Covid, that’s 9,210 deaths. The other 94% had other serious illnesses and the overwhelming majority were of a very advanced age.”

Lastly, before the proof of massive voter fraud of the general/presidential election, I thought the virus was the biggest hoax of the century. I thought to myself, how can the assault on the presidency of Donald Trump get any worse? By an assault on the democracy and freedoms of the United States of America. BLM/Antifa democratic thugs yelling death to America and saying bring in socialism, while burning the American flag. This act was once only seen by radical Islamic terrorists, now the unpatriotic act is done by so called Americans (enemies from within courtesy of the media and foreign foes).

With that being said, PLEASE END THE MASK MANDATE AND PUSH A THERAPEUTIC MANDATE FOR OUR CITY!!! This would be a relief and real cure simultaneously for the hard working, law abiding citizens of Jacksonville. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Sonny B is a proud Black American who states, “Like most black babies, I was born a Democrat but later in life I chose to become a Republican. My Vote. My Choice. ”


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