Save us Superman! Parents be damned and laws too! Duval County Schools state, “Your children are ours!”

The Duval County School Board called an “emergency meeting” with only 25 hours notice thereby not giving parents time to understand or prepare for this special meeting. The board said the issue was too dire to wait. It was so urgent that they quickly passed a new mandatory mask policy for all students K-12 that will take effect in 2 weeks.

Call us stupid but if this is such an emergency why are they waiting to pass the mask mandate for another two weeks?

We are living in a world where — parents be damned and laws be too. We are not stupid and we know this “emergency meeting” was done to keep as many parents in the dark as possible. They certainly did not want to be faced with angry parents who want to be in charge of their own children. Heaven forbid Parental Rights might even have shown up at the podium where parents have minutes to speak. Tactic: Call an emergency, have “your” doctors ready to spin your message and give no one time to ask questions or dig deep into the issue.

This tactic was and is used by the Democrats across the country and although School Board members do not announce their party affiliation — it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand what side of the aisle they live on. Just look at their voting record and contact the Supervisor of Election (904) 255-8683 and ask them what political party they are registered with. You’ll find interesting information and will be empowered as an educated voter during the next School Board election cycle.

The Chairman of the Republican Party of Duval County, Dean Black, understands what really happened last night and knows it was all a political move. He issued a statement shortly after the “emergency meeting,’

“By their vote this evening, the Duval County School Board has blatantly defied Florida Law and Governor Ron DeSantis by violating the Governor’s Executive Order and The Parents Bill of Rights, removing the “opt-out” for masks in our schools. Forcing kindergarteners, first graders, and the like to wear masks is a shameful overreach of power by a group of cowardly politicians.

Board members Elizabeth Anderson, Kelly Coker, Cindy Pearson, Darryl Willie, and Warren A. Jones have chosen to put politics and the teacher’s union over parental rights. Republican voters will remember come election time! “

If you are upset this morning and concerned about what’s happening with your children at school, you do have some options.

  1. The Florida Board of Education recently issued a ruling that families can take their tax dollars to another schooling option such as charter or private schools if they do not agree with their masking rules.
  2. You can also use those dollars to home school your children. There are many home school groups you can connect with and candidly that is how parents educated their students long before Big Government took over education. Check out this site for more information. Time4Learning
  3. And also don’t be afraid to organize your friends, family members and other parents at school and file a lawsuit against the Duval County School Board. A group of parents at Episcopal High School recently filed an action against the school over their mandates. Eye wrote about it here – Parents Rights Go to Court

Let’s face it…the Democrats don’t give a damn about you or your children. They care about political movement and answering to the powers to be of the Democratic machine. Your children are chess pieces only.

Shall I prove it? Over the weekend, Nancy Pelosi — the party boss of the Democratic Party — hosted a fundraiser in NAPA valley. She was caught with her “mask” down and every person at the party was mask-less. Notice the only ones wearing masks were the black servers.

Their “We Care Masks” are coming down and we see their hypocrisy. Those who called this emergency meeting are pawns of the party and believe they are smarter than you. They truly believe their “waste” doesn’t stink and you are too stupid to smell it anyway.

So are you ready, friends. Will you do something about it and not sit idly by waiting for Superman to show up and fix this. I’m here to tell you – he’s not coming. He/She are already here.

Parents, grandparents, family members and friends — you — believe it or not — are America’s Supermen. Yep, You!!

If you think you don’t have the courage to stand up against all this hypocrisy — remember what Superman said himself, “There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.”

Put your cape and courage on parents — your children need you!

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


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