RealDocSpeaks: Is Cancer research tainted?

A North Florida doctor and blogger, Jim O’Leary aka RealDocSpeaks, is appalled and wants action taken on a new scandal involving fabricated medical research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI), a Harvard affiliate. It appears science sleuth Sholto David Ph.D. posted an article on the Better Science blog, describing in great detail how four leading researchers at Dana-Farber have erroneous figures in 57 articles. In 24 of the studies that Mr. David reviewed, he found issues with the highest level of concern.

@RealDocSpeaks says, “My concerns with this whole situation are as follows. DFIC and Harvard Medical School are at the top of the research mountain. The articles published there are placed in the most prestigious journals and are cited often. Some of the articles in question have been cited as many as 2,000–3,000 times. This means that any error in these articles can be magnified by other researchers using incorrect information for their studies. These articles are about cancer; we cannot afford to have erroneous results that would affect cancer discoveries.”

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