Monuments are just a piece of rock per “welfare to millionaire” black woman

Social media is blowing up with this video of Cathy Dotson from Wichita Falls speaking in front of her hometown’s city council regarding the removal of monuments.

She lived in public housing as a single mother on food stamps. She is now a millionaire and she is speaking up on behalf of black people who do not want Black Lives Matter speaking for them. She said BLM is made up of a bunch of out-of-town white folks who are using black people to accomplish their agenda — tear down cities.

WOW — just WOW.

As Jacksonville’s City Council is faced with an onslaught of BLM propaganda, we pray they will listen to this rags to riches woman and give her their ear. We need a “Cathy” in Jacksonville to come forward too and speak for the community. Pray for that person(s) to show up or at least for the City Council to stand up to the BLM supporters who hassle, manipulate and threaten politicians to their way of thinking. They are not the good guys and that is from Cathy — not just us.

“My success came and happened in spite of that rock. That monument is just a rock. It doesn’t have control over anybody. It’s just a rock.” She goes on and on about where we need to focus instead of a rock! Go Cathy Go.

Message to City Council — watch this! Be wise! Stop tearing down rocks and start building up the men and women of the community. It’s time to come together and stand up against outside influences and people who don’t care about people.

Here’s Cathy — enjoy —

Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Strategic Leadership Coach to CEOs

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


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