JAXPORT gets a Wink for fighting human trafficking

JAXPORT, has been added to the prestigious 100 Percent Club by Attorney General Ashley Moody. This initiative recognizes businesses committed to training their employees to identify and report instances of human trafficking. JAXPORT’s inclusion in the 100 Percent Club has resulted in nearly 200 additional Floridians becoming equipped to detect trafficking and report suspicious activities, bringing the total number of individuals trained through the program to an impressive 8,300.

Attorney General Ashley Moody expressed her enthusiasm for JAXPORT’s commitment, stating, “JAXPORT is the first public port to join our 100 Percent Club, and we are excited to have them on the team as we fight to end human trafficking in Florida. Since we launched the 100 Percent Club in 2022, the program has helped train more than 8,300 individuals statewide. Equipping more Floridians with the information they need to spot and report suspicious activity will help us stop this atrocious crime and save lives.”

Daniel Bean, Chair of the Jacksonville Port Authority, emphasized the organization’s dedication to safety and security, saying, “The safety and security of everyone who enters our facilities is our top priority. We are proud to join Attorney General Moody in this fight to stop the exploitation of innocent people. With 100 percent of our employees having completed this training, they now have the resources needed to identify the signs of human trafficking, potentially saving lives.”

JAXPORT, Florida’s largest container port and one of the nation’s largest vehicle-handling ports, plays a pivotal role in facilitating commerce and transportation, offering access to 98 million consumers daily, and collaborating with over 100 trucking firms and 40 daily trains for product shipments. Now, as a member of the 100 Percent Club, JAXPORT has successfully provided anti-human trafficking training to 175 employees.

Human trafficking across the ocean remains a grave concern, with thousands of individuals illegally trafficked each year, subjected to exploitation and abuse. JAXPORT’s strategic location near major interstate systems and its high volume of daily traffic make it a critical point of vigilance. By adding nearly 200 vigilant employees to the anti-trafficking effort, JAXPORT has significantly enhanced the region’s ability to detect and prevent human trafficking, potentially saving lives.

Attorney General Moody’s Office of Statewide Prosecution has been tirelessly committed to combating human trafficking since 2019, successfully charging or sentencing 125 trafficking defendants with an impressive conviction record.

The 100 Percent Club, launched by Attorney General Moody in 2022, aims to recognize companies actively engaged in training employees to recognize the signs of human trafficking. To become a member, companies must provide this training and commit to issuing a quick-reference guide for employees on how to report human trafficking.


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