Hey, Hey! Ho, Ho! Ben Frazier Has Got to Go!

[Photo credit: northsidecoalitionofjacksonville.com]

Lock Ben up! Lock Ben up! Northside Coalition agitator Ben Frazier was arrested for disrupting a Dec. 13 Jacksonville City Council meeting. He was protesting for the removal of local Confederate monuments. This jail bird needs to go back to his dilapidated, crime-infested Northside neighborhood and stay there.

We’ve had enough of his anti-police, public-disorder attitude. He and his criminal element have ruined Arlington, have ruined Orange Park, have ruined Lee High School, and have ruined Argyle Forest. Any more of this and Jacksonville will become just another out-of-control city overrun by thugs and hoodlums. Think Detroit of the South.

Frazier traffics in one of the most insidious forms of racism. He thinks black people are too mentally weak to handle the Civil War and Southern nationalism. He believes they have to be spoiled and coddled with name changes, monument destruction, and a general purge of the history books.

It doesn’t help that Ben breaks bread with insufferable white liberals who kowtow to every bad idea the corrupt civil-rights extortion racket comes up with. If Frazier and his minions have their way, Jacksonville will become a nihilistic place with no past and no future –a horrible city with no soul!


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