Happy Easter: You have the power, dear friends!

We are living in a season where history books will record that the wicked among us tried to take down liberty – again. Although the evil tactics used by the devil — through the minds of people — seem to be different, they are really the same.

For instance, here are a few lessons we can learn from the devil’s tactics.

Cancel Culture: Before the devil encouraged Eve to eat the apple from the Tree of Life, both Adam and Eve had been friends with their maker. He had walked with them daily in the garden, shared His heart and taught them about love. That was the Culture of living with God. The devil’s lies whispered in Eve’s ears Canceled that beautiful experience. Although God could not allow man to live in the Garden anymore, He didn’t Cancel his relationship with the ones He lovingly made. God still loved them — and the devil wasn’t happy! Today: Will you allow the Cancel Culture to remove your history and your freedoms? Or will you cancel hate and stand against the whispers of evil?

Conspiracy Theorists: Remember the naysayers when Noah was building an ark? People called him a crazy man, laughed at him, and would not heed his warnings. When the truth swallowed them up and they lost their lives to the sea, Noah and his family lived on. Noah did not let the naysayers keep him from doing what God called him to do. Today: Naysayers still abound. “Conspiracy Theorists” do too. Who will you believe this time around? Listen carefully to both and ask for wisdom and discernment to know who to believe. Don’t be left outside the boat begging to be let in.

Words: It appears new words have joined our society and are used to separate us from each other. Calling us racists, bigots, misogynistic, white supremcists, and other vile terms creates distrust and ultimately — hate between our friends, neighbors and countrymen. The devil loves to delude our minds with hateful words that speak division. Today: We can read the loving Words of God from the Bible. We can teach the Word, speak the Word and use the Word for our daily living. God’s words still work and are a soothing ointment to the ills of this world.

Government: When Jesus was born, the angels proclaimed the Government was on his shoulders. Since that declaration, the devil has tried to take it from Him time and time again. He’s done a pretty good job so far – but – he’s stepped over the line this time in history! He has come out full throttle and in our faces with his plans to flood our homeland with lawlessness, take away our God-given rights to defend ourselves and to freely speak or worship God. Today: The devil may be on steroids but that means he knows he’s finished. He’s using every tactic in his book of death. And what can we do — Pray. Seek God’s help. Speak Truth without Fear. Sacrifice free stuff for your freedom. Become a wise voter and vote for public servants – not those who just want a job. Fire those who became millionaires in governmental “service.”

Friends, I could go on and on about the devil’s tactics but instead let’s focus on this Easter morning with the tactics of Jesus, the son of God and how the devil went full throttle during his last journey to Jerusalem. Watch how the devil used the cancel culture, words, conspiracy, and the government to “win.”

The Pharisees – the religious leaders of the day – needed to cancel Jesus. He was hurting their “religious” ways of life and they feared he would take away their power over the people. They became naysayers and called him a crazy man for saying he was the Son of God. They divided the people and those who shouted the loudest above the ones who loved him — called for Jesus’ death. Then these same “religious powers” told the Governmental authorities that Jesus needed to die because unrest would occur in the streets. At first the government refused because they could not find fault with Him – but the “religious” leaders would not let up and demanded the government do their bidding. And then — they did.

But Jesus. He had another tactic that the devil didn’t have. He had the POWER!

He had the power to open the door to His tomb, walk away from the burial clothes and proclaim Eternal Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness for all who followed Him!

The devil had and still has No Power! He is an empty suit full of words and naysaying but he ultimately has no power — unless you give it to him. And why would you? He hates you.

So here we are on this Easter morning in 2021. The good news is this: The sun has risen and the Son has risen! We have the Power to overcome the Cancel Culture, the words, the naysayers and the government because Jesus overcame death on a cross and He’s in charge!

Alan Jackson even knows that we have the power! The power came from the blood shed by Jesus on that cross. This song seems appropriate for Easter 2021 and I hope you’ll find the power to overcome the schemes of the devil in your life and in our nation!

Happy Easter my powerful friends! The tomb is empty but your life doesn’t need to be. Fill it up with Jesus’ love on this most powerful day of the year!

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives


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