Gas Taxes for Jobs! The Mayor’s messaging is wrong again.

This whole “raising gas taxes” messaging is all over the place.

The first “messaging campaign” was about the infrastructure needs and the septic tank issue. Now we are hearing how many jobs will be created by the raising of our local gas taxes.

Me thinks that someone in charge of messaging is having trouble saying “Higher Taxes are a good thing!”

When their messaging didn’t work, the powers to be got in the room and decided to change it to “Gas Taxes for Jobs!” Gee whiz – who really believes that one?

The problem is we don’t trust the messaging coming out of the Mayor’s office. We have a lot of reasons why and here are just a few:

Remember when the Mayor said rates would sky-rocket if we didn’t sell JEA? We saw where that messaging went and it’s now in the hands of a Federal Grand Jury. Messaging must be truthful and not filled with “jacked up” issues.

Or how about this one when Mayor Curry had the confederate monument removed in the dead of night. His messaging was “null and void.” No one saw it coming and that’s the WORST kind of messaging ever for a city leader. No messaging is a NO-NO!

Don’t forget the Lot J debacle? Once the taxpayers heard the truth behind the “Mayor’s messaging” on Lot J — it evaporated into the graveyard of grand ideas for downtown development. Another messaging mishap that might have saved a good idea.

We all know how vitally important it is to have the right messaging in business, in life and in the political world. What the people want from politicians is the Truth! Just tell us the following:

  1. How much more of our money do you want?
  2. How are you going to use it?
  3. What plans are in place for accountability and transparency as to the use of the money.

See how simple that is? Just trust the people. Let your messaging be truth telling and watch how people will join you on the mission to a greater and more robust Jacksonville.

But don’t try to fool us — we are wise to that messaging and you should know that by now.

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives


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