A Wink goes to Aundra Wallace, the CEO of the Downtown Investment Authority.

I attended a meeting today where two proposals were reviewed by the Strategic Implementation Committee.  These proposals were to sell a property that is highly distressed.  I watched as the staff and the Committee members spoke with both groups who wanted to purchase and redevelop the property.

It was professional and I appreciated how the Committee Members asked great questions and carefully considered both proposals.  The Members were excited by a new document that is still in DRAFT form and was created by the DIA staff to create a fair and conscience way to value the proposals.

See the form below.  It’s still a DRAFT and may go through more changes — but the members were excited about it and felt it enhanced the decision-making process for them.

I love attending these meetings and hearing how decisions are made with our tax dollars.  Feel free to come along anytime.  You’ll enjoy it and learn a lot.

And by the way — the group who was given the go-ahead to move forward with this redevelopment may be bringing a grocery vendor downtown.  That would be great!  And that would eliminate the City Council bailing out a grocery store chain with $3 Million of our dollars.  See that article here:  https://eyeonjacksonville.com/jax-city-council-pen-vs-gun/  Call your City Council member about that one!  Voting on it soon.

Love handing out Winks.  Much more fun than those Stinks!

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