DIA Creates Scoring Criteria for Potential Sale of Troublesome Properties

A Wink goes to Aundra Wallace, the CEO of the Downtown Investment Authority.

I attended a meeting today where two proposals were reviewed by the Strategic Implementation Committee.  These proposals were to sell a property that is highly distressed.  I watched as the staff and the Committee members spoke with both groups who wanted to purchase and redevelop the property.

It was professional and I appreciated how the Committee Members asked great questions and carefully considered both proposals.  The Members were excited by a new document that is still in DRAFT form and was created by the DIA staff to create a fair and conscience way to value the proposals.

See the form below.  It’s still a DRAFT and may go through more changes — but the members were excited about it and felt it enhanced the decision-making process for them.

I love attending these meetings and hearing how decisions are made with our tax dollars.  Feel free to come along anytime.  You’ll enjoy it and learn a lot.

And by the way — the group who was given the go-ahead to move forward with this redevelopment may be bringing a grocery vendor downtown.  That would be great!  And that would eliminate the City Council bailing out a grocery store chain with $3 Million of our dollars.  See that article here:  https://eyeonjacksonville.com/jax-city-council-pen-vs-gun/  Call your City Council member about that one!  Voting on it soon.

Love handing out Winks.  Much more fun than those Stinks!


Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


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