Pen vs. Gun: City Council considers grocery store bailout with your money

In Venezuela the government uses a gun to manipulate private business, in Jacksonville the city council uses a pen.
 When a grocery chain, Exito, needed to raise prices to operate, Chavez sent in national guards to prevent any price increases.
Eventually the Exito Supermarket chain made the decision to leave Venezuela.
Here in Jacksonville when a grocery chain, Harveys Supermarkets, must close stores in neighborhoods where it cannot realize a profit the Jacksonville City Council uses a pen and $3,000,000 to intervene. City Council will give another grocery chain $3,000,000 to operate in a non-profitable area of the city. How long before that chain shutters it’s doors because it too will not realize a profit?
In Venezuela government uses a gun, here our government uses a pen to manipulate private industry. Eventually, our government will run out of other people’s money to give away or will we stand up and put a stop to this abuse of our tax dollars?
Go to our Take Action page and contact your City Council Member about bailing out a private enterprise.  If they can’t make things work, why should we pay for them to stay in business?

Debbie Gonzalez


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