Day: April 8, 2018

  • Here’s your chance to be heard: Share your Vision for Jacksonville

    Elevate Northeast Florida is working on a plan to establish priorities for Northeast Florida.  We think that’s a great idea!  And we are especially pleased they want to hear from you. This program is being led by JAXUSA Partnership, NE Florida Regional Council, and Career Source Northeast Florida. Their goals are: Increase Economic Growth Develop […]

  • Secrets, Shenanigans and Mysteries: Should we sell JEA?

    Nothing lights up a politician’s eyes like the prospect of free money.   That explains the excitement over the latest round of, “Hey, why don’t we sell the JEA?” This possibility has been discussed and debated many times over the past 50 years since the consolidation of the city and county governments. Each time it […]

  • Pen vs. Gun: City Council considers grocery store bailout with your money

    In Venezuela the government uses a gun to manipulate private business, in Jacksonville the city council uses a pen.  When a grocery chain, Exito, needed to raise prices to operate, Chavez sent in national guards to prevent any price increases. Eventually the Exito Supermarket chain made the decision to leave Venezuela. Here in Jacksonville when […]

  • City Council Considers Road Change: In honor of POW/MIA

    A name change for New World Avenue near Cecil Field is being considered.   Bill 2018-124 would rename the road as POW-MIA Memorial Parkway if it is approved by the City Council. The name change would take place on July 1.   The bill was supported by the 19 Members of the Cecil Field POW/MIA Memorial, […]