American Citizenship Under Siege: A Wake-Up Call – Know your rights!

Citizenship is facing a crisis in America under threat from an unaccountable ruling class seeking to transform our society.

It’s time for citizens to wake up, understand the threats and actively ENGAGE in defending our Republic.

Victor Davis Hanson and Hillsdale College have teamed up to empower and educate American citizens through a free online-course where students will examine the origins and history of citizenship in the West and the grave challenges American citizenship faces today.

Watch Professor Hanson’s explanation of this course here:

The course will include the following sessions:

  • Historical Roots: From ancient Greece to the American Revolution, citizenship’s roots lie in civic duties and democratic participation. The unique American system prioritizes individual rights within a democratic framework.
  • Contemporary Threats: A. Erosion of the Middle Class: The middle class, a democratic cornerstone, is eroding due to widening economic disparities.
  • Disappearing Sovereign Borders: Globalization questions the concept of sovereign borders, impacting national identity.
  • Rise of Tribalism: Political, social, and cultural divisions weaken the unity necessary for a thriving democracy.Growth of the Deep State: Unelected officials gaining influence challenge representative democracy and accountability.
  • Modern Assaults on the Constitution: Free speech restrictions, privacy concerns, and challenges to the separation of powers threaten the Constitution.
  • Emergence of a New Form of Global Government: Global governance poses questions about national sovereignty and citizens’ control over their destiny.

Here is the link to the free course. Share this with your family and friends too.


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