A Wink to those who Speak and a Big Wink to those who Listen!

Yesterday Jacksonville hosted the Small Business Administration Advocacy Council at three listening sessions across the city.  Eye on Jacksonville was honored to be asked to coordinate the “fun” one!

These Listening Sessions were encouraged by President Trump.  He has asked that each department find ways to cut regulation strangulation and all the information they gather will be presented to him for his review.  A WINK to President Trump on behalf of all business owners and their customers is due!

We held our Listening session on site at Florida Roads Contracting.  The CEO is Rick Baker and he and his team polished and shined the facility and entertained about 40 people for the event.  They took time away from their day to day operations to open their doors and host this important meeting.  A WINK to Florida Roads Contracting and Rick Baker for all they did to make us feel welcome and a part of one big family – the American family.

There were many in attendance who spoke about over-regulation on their businesses and how it affects their clients.  There was a banker who spoke about the death of small community banks and the hope they are revived again.  There was the marine executive who spoke about the EPA’s over-reach into the fishing industry of Florida.  There was a builder who spoke about the Corps of Engineers who take WAY TOO long to hand out permits.  There was a financial planner who spoke about the mess in their industry and how three federal agencies setting up their own rules that do not coincide with the others causing confusion and chaos.  There was a health care executive who had insights into Obamacare and Medicare.  And…there was the one person business – a mental health psychologist – who helps our Veterans and spoke about the VA and how difficult it is to provide services and to actually get paid on a timely basis.

There were some there who spoke about State Regulations and then, of course, we could not let the City of Jacksonville off the hook for their over-reaching activities.  Taxes passed down to the community in the form of “fees” was not well received by the attendees.  Taxes are taxes anyway you look at it and naming them something else is a shame.

These are all people in our community who are working hard to make a living and to make a difference.  Their businesses are highly affected by the over-reach of government and the ones who pay for it are “us – the consumers”.

Leaders who Listen and then take action are those we want to follow and those we will vote into office.  Those who listen to us first and speak last are true leaders in the world of leadership.  Eye will use this opportunity to let Jacksonville city “leaders” know that they should try this once and a while.  People are speaking and do not feel they are being heard.  That is exactly why Eye was formed and we plan to keep speaking to our government officials and hoping they will hear what we have to say.

Kudos to the team at Florida Roads for their backdrop of big road equipment, the beautiful flag hanging from the rafters and the really cool way they displayed soft drinks in the back hoe.  It was a fun day and we applaud all of you for opening your doors to the rest of us.

And to the SBA Advocacy Team – thank you for a great job of listening.  We really felt as if you cared and it wasn’t just a dog and pony show!  Government is good at dog and pony shows!

And to President Trump – thank you for this great idea.  We have one thing to say — “You certainly have your work cut out for you.  We can’t wait to hear what you heard us say.  And…we can’t wait to hear what you will cut!”

God bless America!

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


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