2nd Amendment under attack and Rep. Rutherford got played

One day after the House passed a $1.2 trillion spending package, the Justice Department threw egg in their face and announced it will be spearheading efforts to take your 2nd Amendment rights away from you.

The Republicans who voted for this package got played ONCE again and our very own Congressman Rutherford looks the fool.

Especially since he knows full well that he was sent there to protect us from those who want to take our Constitutional rights. I am weary of John’s lack of understanding and extreme weakness in DC as our Representative. How did our once strong Sheriff become so weak? How could he vote for a bill that included fully funding the corrupt DOJ?

How does he feel about his vote now that he has discovered the Biden administration’s next crusade against the Second Amendment?

The Justice Department has unveiled its National Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) Resource Center, aimed at providing assistance to various entities involved in implementing laws intended to restrict access to firearms. Spearheaded by none other than Attorney General Merrick B. Garland, this initiative is portrayed as a noble effort to keep firearms out of the hands of individuals deemed dangerous. But is it really about public safety, or is it a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

ERPO laws, we’re told, are modeled after domestic violence protection orders, allowing for the temporary seizure of firearms from individuals deemed a risk to themselves or others. This might sound reasonable on the surface, but peel back the layers, and you’ll find a deeply concerning erosion of constitutional rights. Under these laws, law enforcement, family members, medical professionals, or other groups can petition a court to strip individuals of their Second Amendment rights without due process.

It’s guilt by accusation, a dangerous departure from the principles of justice our nation was founded upon.

The funding for this initiative is equally troubling. The Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs (OJP) has doled out a staggering $238 million to states and territories under the Byrne State Crisis Intervention Program (SCIP), a program supposedly aimed at crisis intervention strategies, including ERPO programs. Let’s be clear: this is not about genuine crisis intervention; it’s about laying the groundwork for a massive expansion of government overreach into the lives of law-abiding citizens.

Four million dollars has been allocated to support training and technical assistance for ERPO programs, including $2 million to establish the ERPO Resource Center at the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions. The involvement of Johns Hopkins, an institution notorious for its anti-gun agenda, raises serious questions about the impartiality of the resources provided through this center. Are we to believe that an organization with a clear bias against gun ownership will offer fair and balanced guidance on ERPO implementation? Color me skeptical.

The DOJ says this initiative is about supporting law enforcement and communities in combating gun violence and we DON’T BELIEVE THEM. This is about empowering bureaucrats and activists to trample on the rights of law-abiding Americans under the guise of public safety. The so-called crisis of gun violence is being used as a pretext for an unprecedented assault on our constitutional freedoms.

The reality is that ERPO laws are a solution in search of a problem, a solution that undermines the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution. The Center may claim to provide resources to enhance public safety, but in reality, it’s a Trojan horse for gun control.

As of now, 21 states and the District of Columbia have enacted ERPO laws. But make no mistake; the fight is far from over. The battle to preserve our Second Amendment rights requires vigilance and unwavering commitment.

We must reject the false promises of safety at the expense of liberty.

Next time you see John Rutherford let him know you are not happy with his voting record.

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


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