Month: February 2021

  • Breaking News: Every time it rains, it pours taxpayer money in Jacksonville

    The rain that falls on your house or business property results in a tax called the stormwater fee. The fee is based on the estimated amount of impervious surface at a home or business — the theory being that rain washes off those surfaces, collecting hazardous substances, and goes into the city’s drains and then […]

  • Local reporters did good work examining grades

    ActionNewsJax deserves a half a Wink for its work on school grades. Reporters for the station actually looked at data, which few in the media bother to do these days. They found a large number of low grades in the local public schools and also took note that they were lower than grades in previous […]

  • Jacksonville had a slave owner with black skin

    An example from Jacksonville shows the fatal fallacy of the liberal proposal to pay reparations to descendants of slaves. Without question, all former slave owners should pay reparations to all former slaves. But all of those people are dead. For people who never have owned slaves to pay people who never have been slaves is […]

  • Group opposed to left wing indoctrination in schools is growing fast

    Spurred by the focus on race in public schools, to the detriment of learning and racial harmony, a social media group is growing rapidly, and asking questions. Save Our Schools – Florida, a new group on Facebook, says: “We are a Conservative grassroots movement advocating against the progressive agenda being pushed in our Public Schools.” […]

  • Some Winks, Some Stinks and Me Thinks

    News moves fast and furious and when you are busy with taking care of clients, it can be tough to share our thoughts quickly. I have saved a few news worthy items and got around to them today. Here are a few Winks that need to be given: Locally: Lori Boyer of the DIA presented […]

  • Good intentions are making downtown look shabby

    While city officials and civic leaders are busy discussing ways to gussie up downtown’s face, the tramp camp in the heart of downtown continues to grow. Well-intended people decided weeks ago to help the homeless people in the camp by moving them into hotels. Once homeless people learned of the plan, the population of the […]

  • Stir up Jacksonville residents about children and you quickly get action

    Jacksonville residents are beginning to push back against a public school system they see as moving further left every day. Once aroused they act — quickly, too. Local activist Esther Lyle Byrd posted this comment on Facebook: “Does anyone know of a local or Florida FB group where conservative parents of public school children can […]

  • Being positive in Jacksonville

    New4Jax deserves a Wink for its feature Random Jax of Kindness. Despite the name, which is either a clever pun or a lame play on the words “acts of kindness,” depending on your point of view, it is a good way to take note of some good things happening in the city amid all the […]

  • Is treating everyone the same a crazy idea?

    Here’s a radical idea for government schools. Instead of teaching black history and white history, why not try teaching American history? A special task force proposes that the Jacksonville public schools “embed” black history into the history curriculum. What does that even mean? What it should mean is that history will be taught without focusing […]

  • Downtown Development: Do we have a plan? Fingers crossed!

    Eye on Jacksonville has been asking to see a master plan for Jacksonville’s downtown. We have written a couple of posts about the need for a downtown Master Plan instead of the piecemeal projects we have seen in the past. Rumor has it there might be one on the table. The Downtown Investment Authority (DIA) […]

  • How big is the ‘bucket’ and who will fill it?

    In their crusade against septic tanks, Jacksonville politicians are setting up taxpayers for a major hit. But is it necessary? City officials claim septic tanks are a public health problem, even though the state of Florida says they are effective, and the city allows people to use them. Septic systems provide a safe and effective […]

  • Medication or Food? Choose one.

    You have either heard the radio ads or watched the T.V. commercials where individuals must choose to pay for their prescription medication or put food on the table.  This scenario, sadly, is far too common for such a prosperous nation like the United States.  The Rand Corporation completed a study early this year pointing out […]

  • Praise for protest is the wrong response

    Students attending government schools in Jacksonville have learned that if you want something all you have to do is demand it loudly, like toddlers who lie on the floor screaming and kicking their feet. In the span of one incredible week: Students protested something they didn’t understand, demonstrating in six local schools. They had a […]

  • Big “Scoop”…City plans big gifts for people they have ignored for years

    City Council President Tommy Hazouri, a Democrat, has filed a bill to spend $100 million to improve the property of homeowners lacking a connection to the sewer system and the mayor is kicking in a few bucks, too. Ominously, Hazouri calls it “a drop in the bucket” compared to what is needed. His bill would […]

  • Visions emerge for downtown Jacksonville

    Yesterday the Times Union ran an in-depth article about a Vision for downtown development. The Guest columnist was Mike Balanky, a local developer. I’ve run into Mr. Balanky at numerous business events and have heard him speak at two local civic organizations. He seems to have his head on his shoulders and his upbringing in […]

  • Kids matter, adults don’t, is the lesson for today

    Kids today are so indoctrinated that they can be “triggered” by almost anything. Case in point: “You Matter Month.” A few students at Sandalwood High School did not understand a new program the school system started, because they are ignorant. Ignorant is not stupid. They probably have the capability to learn but have been so […]