You were a good man, Hank Madden. RIP my friend.

Hank Madden, Madden Advisory

“If no one has said they care about you today, know that we do.”

Those were always the parting words of Hank Madden on his radio show, Smart Money. Hank spent every Saturday morning on WOKV for nearly 40 years giving financial advice to listeners and always weaving in his thoughts on the politics of the day. He told me once, “Politics affects portfolios, so we need to talk about it.”

I am heartbroken this morning to share the news that Hank Madden passed away this week. His voice is silenced here on earth but the love he left behind is more than I can share in this post.

I met Hank when the tea party movement began. He was one of the speakers on the stage at the April 15th Tax Day Tea Party Rally at The Landing. Five thousand people showed up and Hank was amazed and thrilled and knew that this movement was bigger than all of us. It was a movement from heavenly strategies and he wanted to be a part of the battle. From that day on, we became fast friends fighting alongside each other to bring knowledge and facts to those who would listen to us. I co-hosted his show many times over the years and he was a master at moving the show right along and trying to get in every caller so their voice could be heard.

During those tea party days, I saw Hank fall madly in love with his “Mystic Minx” as he called his wife, Jobie. He adored her and you never heard one bad word come from him about her. She sparked the love bug in him and he made all men look bad for how he doted on her and made sure she felt loved.

Hank’s heart towards me also became sweet and tender when I went through a painful time in my life. He and Jobie made sure they checked on me, took me to lunch, sent flowers or sweet notes, listened to my lamentations, and supported EVERY effort I undertook on behalf of saving our country. They were there for me ALWAYS. And that my friends, is a true friendship…a rare gem to be honored and praised.

I always told them that I hoped God would bless me with a man like him. And He did. When I started dating my now husband, Angelo, Hank grilled him in a restaurant as we dined together. It was actually embarrassing to hear his questions and watch as Angelo answered them to Hank’s liking. We are not young chickens and I felt like a teenager waiting for Dad’s approval to date a guy. And that my friends, was a true friend too. Hank was like that. He protected his loved ones, his friends and anyone who showed they loved America as much as he did.

Hank served in the Army and every story seemed to turn to winning a battle. Every tactic we discussed during the tea party days was managed through the lens of his military background. As the Chairman of the First Coast Tea Party, he taught all of us how to lead like a soldier and never, ever give up.

When conservative candidates came knocking at his door for a donation or a non-profit reached out for help or a young family was on tv going through a tragedy, Hank pulled out his checkbook and wrote a bigger check than anyone expected. He was generous with his wealth because he himself had once been down to his last dollar and down on his knees praying this simple prayer – “God help me.” And God did and Hank never forgot that.

He was not afraid to speak his mind but he was always open to hearing others too. He could change his mind IF the facts proved him wrong. However, his stubborn attitude would show up when anyone wanted to change the essence of the soul of America. He would have none of that!

He challenged fathers on the radio to stand up and be a man while kneeling for God in prayer over their family. He saluted the military, the first responders, hospital workers and anyone who he said were on the front lines of defending our nation. He LOVED America.

In the last days of his life, he was so deeply worried about our country and his concerns kept him in angst. He knew he would not be here to fight for his beloved America or his family so he fought hard to remain here. But, alas, God wanted Hank home with him and so he is.

This morning on WOKV from 10:00 until noon you will hear Hank again as they play a show from the past. You will also hear the news that Hank is home in heaven.

And I will listen in to hear my dear friend’s voice once again and I will keep myself from calling in as I would do a lot. He always took my call and when he did, he would say, “Hey BT, what’s up girl? What’s going on?”

If I could call him in heaven I would answer his “Hey BT” with this:

“I am grieving your leaving. I am so sad that life is so short and we didn’t have more time together. I’m sad that you left when America looked lost but I assure you Hank — we will never give up the ship. We will stand at our post and will fight for liberty and freedom as you did in Vietnam, after your return from service and on the radio every week. We will never forget you. We will pass on your generosity to others. We will listen to others with humbleness and concern and be stubborn if they try to change America to something she is not meant to be. We will love our spouses as you loved yours and will give to those who have less than us. And dear Hank, we will remember your parting words each week on the radio and will do our best to care about people as you did. Rest in peace my friend, Hank. We’ll take it from here, sir. You did good and I’m honored to call you friend.”

“If no one has said they care about you today, know that we do.” – Hank Madden

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.

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