Eye on Jacksonville’s Mission is:

Promoting Integrity & Transparency.  Exposing Corruption & Cronyism

We are very proud of our mission and we appreciate the local newspaper, The Florida Times Union, agreeing with us.  Every city entity serving its citizens needs to be held accountable to how they behave and most especially…how they spend our money.

We have been closely following the JEA “mess” and have given all the antics a big fat STINK.  In Friday’s column by Mark Woods, he too, stated:  “Something Stinks.”

Read his article here.  Something Stinks

The antics by those involved are embarrassing and the latest one — ignoring the best Interim Candidate, a woman of great experience, really STINKS.  We don’t feel you were treated fairly Melissa Dykes.  Hang in there.  You deserve better.

Our Eye on Jacksonville Sr. Editor, Lloyd Brown, is covering this story and will keep you abreast of the next round of the JEA saga.

Now I think I’ll go watch a movie, Crime, Inc. from 1945.  You never know what you might learn.  Check it out here:  Crime, Inc. the Movie

Here’s looking at you kid,

Billie Tucker

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