Day: April 24, 2018

  • Wink to TU: We love it when you agree with our Stink! Common ground!

    Eye on Jacksonville’s Mission is: Promoting Integrity & Transparency.  Exposing Corruption & Cronyism We are very proud of our mission and we appreciate the local newspaper, The Florida Times Union, agreeing with us.  Every city entity serving its citizens needs to be held accountable to how they behave and most especially…how they spend our money. […]

  • 800 lb Gorilla: Empowerment, Opportunity, Enterprise, Renewal. Words, just words.

    In a recent Florida Trend article, we read that Governor Rick Scott had identified “low tax opportunity zones” statewide to encourage investment.  Debbie G went into research mode and delved into what this meant.  Here is Part 1 of what she uncovered. Influence:  Part 1 There are many things that influence the environment in which […]