What gives Fernandina? Controversial Drag Queen Bingo Event at City Golf Club Raises Legal Concerns and Sparks Community Outrage!

The City Golf Club in Fernandina Beach has come under scrutiny for its plan to host a Drag Queen Bingo event featuring the “Queen of Witches.” Concerned citizens have raised objections, claiming that this event violates several city ordinances.

On May 15th, Citizens Defending Freedom Nassau County sent a letter to the Fernandina Beach City Commission and staff, urging them to address the potential violations.

We can’t even believe we are writing about this subject matter here in the sleepy town of Fernandina Beach. The event, scheduled to take place on May 19th, has sparked a debate surrounding gaming, drag performances, and witchcraft being held on public recreational property. The objection raised by Citizens Defending Freedom Nassau County highlights the need for a careful examination of local regulations and ordinances.

City ordinances serve as important guidelines for maintaining order, ensuring public safety, and preserving the values and interests of a community. It is essential for city leadership to carefully consider these concerns and evaluate whether the proposed event aligns with the community’s values and legal framework.

Public opinion plays a vital role in shaping local policy and decision-making. These concerns raise fundamental questions about the values and priorities of our small and close-knit community.

This question must be asked: Are we comfortable with our city owned recreational property being utilized for gaming, adult entertainment, and witchcraft?

This issue demands a clear and strong response from city leadership. It is imperative to assess the approval process for such activities and ensure that they receive proper legal oversight.

It is crucial for citizens to remain engaged and involved in local governance, as decisions made at this level have a direct impact on the community’s well-being.

By voicing your opinions and participating in the decision-making process, residents can actively shape the future of Fernandina Beach and ensure that its recreational spaces align with their collective vision.

If you wish to express your opinion regarding the gaming, drag performances, and witchcraft event at the City Golf Club, it is suggested you engage NOW with the Fernandina Beach City Commission and staff. You can reach them easily at: https://contactreps.com/cmp/?c=6463b78e139e5


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