Unlocking Your Path to Happiness: The Science of Well-Being for Teens – A Free Course to Transform Your Life

Laurie Santos is a psychology professor behind Yale University’s popular happiness course, “Psychology and the Good Life.” She is on a mission to help teenagers and the world find greater happiness.

She recently launched a free six-week course called “The Science of Well-Being for Teens” to address the alarming rise in anxiety, depression, and suicide rates among high school students. Santos challenges the notion that our brains deceive us about what truly makes us happy. Instead of fixating on external achievements, she encourages teenagers to focus on nurturing relationships, prioritizing health, and embracing negative emotions.

By making happiness accessible and emphasizing its link to success and longevity, Santos aims to transform the way we approach well-being. With thousands already enrolled, her efforts offer hope for a generation in need.

In addition to her work at Yale, she hosts a popular podcast called “The Happiness Lab,” where she explores the latest research and insights on happiness.

For more information about this free course click here.


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