Spitting coffee over JEA and Anna Brosche. She’s doing her job, gentlemen!

As I read the news today, I was drinking my coffee and relaxing on my outdoor patio.  Good thing because I spit coffee when I read that Fred Newbill, a JEA board member, accused City Council President Anna Brosche of using the JEA as a political tool for a possible run against Mayor Curry.

Let me get this straight, Mr. Newbill:

  1. The JEA board handed over the top position of an Independent Authority to a rookie board member who has never run a major utility before.  A board member who was good friend’s with Mayor Curry and appointed to the JEA board by the Mayor.
  2. You did it suddenly and you passed over a highly qualified woman executive who you now gave a big, fat raise to $400,000.  More than the interim CEO is making – $330,000?  $70,000 a year more.  But — and this is a big but —  she’s not qualified to be interim CEO?  What?  Nothing to see here.  Move along everyone.  Stop sticking your nose in the JEA board business.  They can do what they want.  Don’t question them!
  3. The JEA board is filled with Mayor Curry’s buddies but you accuse Anna Brosche of playing politics?  We common people call that “the pot calling the kettle black.”
  4. And when the JEA potential sale took the hot seat in the community, your Mayor pushed back and said he would have nothing to do with a JEA sale.  I guess the politics of a sale got too hot for him?  The need to back off of that wasn’t political, now was it?
  5. And here’s a question for you, Mr. Newbill.  Why oh why is Florida Power & Light playing commercials in the Jacksonville market IF they don’t serve the Jacksonville market.  Are there some discussions happening behind the scenes about the potential sale of JEA to FPL?  Just wondering.  But again, probably nothing to see here.  Just move along JEA customers.  No politics being played here by the JEA board or the Mayor.  Only the City Council President is playing politics according to Mr. Newbill.  Move along now, common people.
  6. In the world of politics, we have seen over and over again the turning of the tables by those in the hot seat.  Seems as if the JEA board is getting some heat and they don’t like it.  We say, “Too bad.  You are accountable to the people of this community and the City Council’s job is to hold you accountable on our behalf.”

Eye on Jacksonville sends a WINK to Anna Brosche for DOING HER JOB.  Someone has to watch out for us because in our mind’s Eye –  it appears —  drum roll please —

the JEA board just might be playing politics for their buddy, Mayor Curry?

Keep at it, Mrs. Brosche.  Don’t let the tactics of the JEA board keep you from doing your job.

More here — but I warn you — don’t drink coffee while reading it!  Pot calling the kettle black


That’s my opinion.  What’s yours?

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


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