UPDATE: Something wasn’t “Propper” at the Sheriff’s office and now he is gone.

Eye has received numerous calls regarding the behaviors of Assistant Chief Leonard Propper with the Duval County Sheriff’s office.  Those calls came from people who were fearful to give their names.  They feared retaliation.

WOW.  That’s not a good thing for people to fear telling the truth.

This past weekend, Asst. Chief Propper punched another man in FRONT OF CHILDREN at a charity run.  Evidently he was extremely angry.

We pulled up information about Asst. Chief Propper and have found numerous times he has been accused of “anger issues.”  The article published by Channel 4 gives you a couple of links and other stories about Propper.  Check it out here:  https://www.news4jax.com/news/investigations/ranking-jacksonville-cop-investigated-after-fight-over-charity-cash

We decided a STINK was in order.  There are way too many incidents and way too many people fearful to discuss Propper’s behaviors.  And this STINK is bigger because Propper punched someone in front of innocent children.  What a terrible example to show to our kids.  If you don’t like what someone has to say, punch them.  STINK!

Eye contacted Sheriff Mike Williams to let him know we would be posting this STINK about Asst. Chief Propper.  We did not hear back from him.  We know he’s busy and may call us later.  If he does, we will report in and let you know what he had to say.

In the meantime, we believe Asst. Chief Propper has some serious anger issues.  His position in the Sheriff’s office demands he manage his anger better than that.  He’s been in this profession for a long time and should be more mature.  He’s no rookie.

We understand Propper has hopes of being appointed as Police Chief at the beach.  That would be sad IF indeed he doesn’t get help for his anger issues.  He needs help, he needs to apologize to the community and most especially to the kids for his behavior last Saturday.  No excuses.  None at all Asst. Chief Propper.  You know better than that.  You should act more “Propper.”

That’s our opinion.  What say you?

UPDATE May 17, 2018:  Sheriff Mike Williams returned our call today.  He appreciated our call and said that Internal Affairs is going through the process to uncover the full story of this incident.  He was transparent and appreciated us for keeping an Eye out for Winks and Stinks at the police department too.  He said, “Everyone needs to be held accountable.  No matter who they are.”  We shared our condolences and sympathy about Lance Whittaker too.  It’s a tough week for our local police.  

We appreciate the call back and we give Sheriff Williams a WINK for doing so.  

UPDATE JULY 21, 2018:  Mr. Propper was demoted and has now resigned from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.  Evidently there was fire where the smoke appeared.  Read more here: Demoted Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office chief retires after incident



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