Shell-ebrate Turtle Nesting Season in Florida!

Turtle nesting season begins May 1 in Florida and is an exciting time when thousands of sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs on the beaches. It is crucial to remember that sea turtles are an endangered species and are protected under the law and disturbing a nesting turtle or her eggs can result in hefty fines. As such, it’s important to take precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of these magnificent creatures. Here are some tips on what to do during turtle nesting season in Florida:

1. Stay at a safe distance from nesting turtles: It’s important to keep a safe distance from nesting turtles to avoid causing them stress or interfering with their natural behavior. A distance of at least 30 feet is recommended.

2. Visitors should avoid shining any lights or taking flash photography, as this can disorient nesting turtles. Homes and hotels along the beaches also dim their lights to ensure the turtles can find their way to the ocean.

3. Follow posted guidelines: Many beaches will have signs posted with guidelines for visitors during turtle nesting season. These guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of both the turtles and the visitors. It’s important to follow these guidelines and not disturb any nests or interfere with any nesting turtles.

4. Join a turtle patrol program: Many beaches in Florida have turtle watch programs in place that allow visitors to witness the nesting process without disturbing the turtles. Volunteers or park rangers who are trained in turtle conservation may lead these programs. Joining a turtle watch program can be a great way to learn more about sea turtles and their nesting behavior. Check out the link to find where you can become a Turtle Patrol Participants.

5. Dispose of trash properly: Properly disposing of trash and plastic is essential during turtle nesting season in Florida. Trash left on the beach can entangle or harm sea turtles and their hatchlings, so visitors should always dispose of their trash in designated bins.

6. Support turtle conservation efforts: Supporting turtle conservation programs can help protect nesting beaches, monitor turtle populations, and educate the public on the importance of turtle conservation. Consider volunteering with a local turtle watch program or donating to a turtle conservation organization to help ensure the survival of these amazing creatures.

Turtle nesting season in Florida is a unique and exciting time that requires visitors to take precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of these endangered creatures.

By following guidelines, staying at a safe distance from nesting turtles, properly disposing of trash, and supporting turtle conservation efforts, we can help protect sea turtles during this critical time.


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