No Rhyme or Reason

Jacksonville is a town which engages, supports and educates. Up until now it has been a town using good judgement when hosting events.

But Saturday June 29th the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) is scheduled to host a Gay Pride event complete with performances by drag queens and lectures called Trans 101, Bisexual 101, and even Coming Out Monologues.

Where will the event take place? Why smack dab inside MOSH’s child- frequented halls!

Please envision these events juxtaposed with normal MOSH events like “Sesame Street’s One World” and “Rotating Scavenger Hunts”. Please envision little ones and hear their innocent laughter before exploring the planetarium. Oops. Not this Saturday. That’s where the drag queens are cavorting.

I just have one question for MOSH’s leadership. “WHAT ARE YOU THINKIN’?”

If you have the same question, give them a call and be respectful with your questions. Listen to them first and then give them your opinion on the matter.   (904) 396-6674

diann catlin
Diann Catlin is a retired Etiquette Consultant from Jacksonville Florida, and former Editor of Jacksonville Lawyer Magazine, Orlando Lawyer Magazine and Jacksonville Home and Hospitality magazine. Her book, “WHATEVER HAPPENED TO NICE?” was published in 2009. 
Diann loves politics, and frequently writes on the need for civility in the political world. She has been married to her best friend Bodie Catlin for 47 years, is the mother of two married and very well behaved sons, the cheerleader for her two lovely daughters in law, and the doting grandmother of four absolutely PERFECT if vivacious grandchildren.
She divides her time between Jacksonville and her cabin in North Carolina.

diann catlin


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